The “Green” Bin

#CFFC #Pink It’s hidden away the muncher of the grass clippings but easily spotted if you know where to look The Acer and the conifers smile as the backyard waste control engages with the garden ornaments in a game of hide and seek Garden Fairies Giggle as his strawberry coloured hat tells every bird andContinue reading “The “Green” Bin”


#CFFC #Patterns I like patterns you can find them all around you, whether its in nature , or in your home furnishings in a mural or a picture I Volunteer at Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester, and a key place you spot patterns are in the camouflaged objects around the exhibition space Most camouflageContinue reading “Patterns”

Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Colour of Choice

12th February 2019 12th February 2019 Take your pick…colours of the rainbow await Red, Green, Yellow, Gold and Blue (if you can get it) no need for CD-R pens, the computer has done the marking for you and its much neater than a scribble so instead of you flipping the CD for a title youContinue reading “Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Colour of Choice”

Things people play with

#cffc #thingspeopleplaywith #octpowrimo perplexing confusing trialling three words to describe an imagine puzzle they arrive at the recipients house…fully completed seems easy doesn’t it ?   The simplest of objectives dismantle and reconstruct my advice….leave them in the cellophane if you value a shred of your sanity for once opened….it’ll take it bit by bit.

Stacks of Books

Salford 15th September 2018 #CFFC #Books It’d be true to say – I like reading. I go for books with a bit of character in them,  Goscinny and Uderzos Asterix books were a favourite of mine as a kid – and I’ve now got my hands on six anniversary editions My favourite author is TerryContinue reading “Stacks of Books”

Color Red

A selection of stuff, taken by me during photography classes submitted for Cees Fun Foto Challenge Starting from the top, the Man Utd bee (1 and 2) – still buzzing around Old Trafford, Manchester as part of #Beeinthecity . next the tin soldier (3), an old tin box i kept cookies in. Red Bowl withContinue reading “Color Red”