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  • Mercury Rising

    Mercury Rising

    #Summer Most would think it crazy – everybody under umbrellas on a summers day reality is the solar winds have rested coming over the city centre up in the azure blue sky – there’s a few clouds but reach isn’t that far – and you really don’t want it to rain , so you head […]

  • Central II

    Converging on the controlled area everything’s got to be run from there networks, governance, even your daily shop the locals who live there feed the machine really – they have no choice as every service they rely on is located in the centre of the metropolis

  • Central


    Salford 23rd August a tale of Manchester central, which I knew as G-Mex when I were young (sic) I It’s the place where mighty wheels rolled over lines of steel to take you north and south and east to wonderous places where stress released II Slap bang In the middle of town The rail network […]

  • New Religion

    Congregate The atmosphere is electric some gathered there would say evangelic as the lights flicker around the evening sky like acolytes the security guards wait for the signal to lower the velvet barriers countdown progresses as a one hit wonder presses a golden button with that actress you know off the daily soap opera and […]