Another Winters Morning

Fishing As the mercury begins its annual retreat the angler keeps a watch the winter water, dark and cold as silvery sources flicker   Hot air turning to almost fog as chair it rests on sawn up logs and line it sits, still, with great aplomb as angler watches for a flicker   The floatContinue reading “Another Winters Morning”

Over the bridge

Pedestrian Walking on water ? not exactly as they straddle the Locks , Quays and Rivers of my home town never shy of their responsiblity – they get people to their destination from A to B and back again easing a walker’s worry they’ll get wet in the water revolutionary ? in their day necessityContinue reading “Over the bridge”


In response to the prompt Amble My Home town has plenty of green space to go at… Two canals, a river network that runs up northern tributaries to Lancashire, and south towards Cheshire These canals and rivers meet up near the old dock at Salford Quays, formerly “Manchester Docks”, I walk that way when IContinue reading “Wondering….”

Take it to the bridge

In response to the daily post prompt Bridge Salford, Saturday 29th October 2016     Wonderful pieces of engineering traversing the great canal waterway passing across them on a daily basis I marvel at the way they work Some, they lift until weights stop, and some turn round as ferry anchors drop but without themContinue reading “Take it to the bridge”

Photo Challenge: Narrow

          Narrow Saturday  July 30th, 2016 A Thought: Narrowboat They carried the cargo before the rail up and down the waterways Colourful characters towing the coal that burned in the houses, factories and mills but then with the dawn came the engine of steam much faster than canal – down railContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Narrow”


Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, 26th February 2016 I Went on an excursion with some of the lads from Manchester’s IWM North today to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, where I learned about the canals and their heritage.  The journey involved a brief stop for provisions at the M56 Motorway Services. I took alongContinue reading “Narrowboat”