Poetry Technology

A draw of odds and ends


11th April 2021

so easy to access,

and then so hard to close

recepticle for things you say you need

the things you say you’ll use one day

and things you can’t throw away

Notepad’s and pencils that have been well chewed

share space with computer drives that’s been acrued

manuals for tech that lives round the house

together with cameras (and occasional mouse)

A couple of shavers long seen light of day

A Tape recorder longing to hear summat play

while resting on papers also kept there in

Documents for stuff – you’ve long shown the bin

but under the manuals – memories galore

those nik-naks you’ve kept from weddings and more

kept under the papers you can’t throw away

pictures and postcards of a happier day


Old & New

#SoCs #Old&New #OldandNew #Photography

When it comes to the Old and the new, i always go to the subject of photography for a comparison.

When i was little i used a Kodak Extachrome camera to take photos of Mum and Dad and my little sister it had a cartridge that looked like this

You knew what frame you were at at the film because the number in the cartridge changed each time you turned the dial. Later i’d get my hands on a Miranda 35mm camera , which had a counter on the camera.

You might get an extra frame of film from these, but you ran the risk of snapping the film – and losing your images.

Kodak brought in a new system called Advantix – and i got my hands on one of these through an offer on a cereal packet. This system gave me three formats of film to play with…”Classic”, “High Def”, and “Panoramic”. I liked the Panoramic – as i got more into my pictures

In addition the camera gave us an index shot. However despite all the whistles and bells, i had to wait for the processor to get the prints of the film. With the Advent of the Digital Camera – all this changed.

This little card could hold much more than an Advantix Cartridge could, and transferring the images was reletively easy. Holding 20 or 30 times more than my original roll of extachrome film.

Memories Poetry

Hidden things


13th September 2018

Hidey Holes in the place where I rest my head

hold memories, to recall and to cherish

programmes of events and photographs

uniform pins of times gone by

Old cameras look on in awe as

24 stills turn to 48 turn to over a 100

as film turns to cartridge and to chip

how many memories are on the corner of my desk ?

Archives of old journals and diaries

now playing hide and seek

in the corner of a wardrobe space

On occasion, shown the light to read

And what of the tapes and videos

now boxed away ?

The machines can no longer play

Tape recorder occasionally used,  video cassette – gathering dust

Life Photography Technology

Organised chaos


(regular viewers : this is not for viewers of a nervous disposition)

Salford, 4th November 2016

I have a storage cupboard for all my computing and photography gear.

Given we’ve just had Halloween – its pretty darn frightening.

Brace yourself……here’s the top draw



Thing is its mostly my computing gear – cables for cameras, Old Cameras that have gone past their best – and electronic projects pushed out by the newer stuff.

Yes – to the untrained eye – its chaos. But I can always lay my hand on an item in this draw if I need it.

My other shelves ? Perfect! sorted in a manner the British Library could be proud of.


I’d call that draw my mausoleum to the unused.

but I know that one day – i’ll go in there to use an item


Big Brother

With most students off in their halls of residence – a tale of high tech snooping….

There’s a fellow called Big Brother –

who’s watching you and me

He’s head of “Surveillance society”

and he’s looking for a rogue or three

You see he got all interested

when the students started a rout

with talk of “Freedom” and “Human Rights”

So he sent his agents about

Whilst ministers talked of “saving our shores”

Big brothers lot moved while they took their applause

Following dissenters on their ranch

Aided by their friends in special branch

But now  – he doesn’t even need get out of bed

as cameras point down on everyone’s head!

In the aim of “Securing the towns”

Honest protesters just sit and frown

So be concerned about Human rights –

Big Brother’s on watch – both morning and night…

And if you are Vexed – and know not what to do

Remember – “Big Brother is Watching you!”