Hidden things

#Promptuarium 13th September 2018 Hidey Holes in the place where I rest my head hold memories, to recall and to cherish programmes of events and photographs uniform pins of times gone by Old cameras look on in awe as 24 stills turn to 48 turn to over a 100 as film turns to cartridge andContinue reading “Hidden things”

Organised chaos

Chaos regular viewers : this is not for viewers of a nervous disposition) Salford, 4th November 2016 I have a storage cupboard for all my computing and photography gear. Given we’ve just had Halloween – its pretty darn frightening. Brace yourself……here’s the top draw (AAARGH!) Thing is its mostly my computing gear – cables forContinue reading “Organised chaos”

Big Brother

With most students off in their halls of residence – a tale of high tech snooping…. There’s a fellow called Big Brother – who’s watching you and me He’s head of “Surveillance society” and he’s looking for a rogue or three You see he got all interested when the students started a rout with talkContinue reading “Big Brother”