Tag: Butterflies

  • Myriad


    #fowc #Myriad Call it a time of changing seasons the winter has finally gone – its spring and the seeds that were sleeping down in the soil have popped up to say hello along with a myriad of birds and wonderfully coloured butterflies

  • Fairies


    #Napowrimo #Photo #Cup #Coffee #tea What’s that coming out of my cup of chai ? colorful things rise and fly up and down and round about following the trail of the steam spout far into the air they fly and rise like colourful luminous butterflies captured by the camera’s eye before out of the kitchen […]

  • Bluebells

    Another scribble for the coloryourworld month by inky. Artwork by Inky – created in painter from google stock art Birds follow the noise of these colourful flowers Lightly swaying in the spring breeze Under the cover of a spruce they’re spread Enjoying the protection from the passing showers Beautiful colours to please the eye Encompassing […]

  • Out in the back garden

    I sat open mouthed as i watched the goings on taking place in greenery facing the kitchen In an attempt to claim a tree in their name two or three white butterflies engaged in aerial combat Flying past the window and around the roof soaring to grab their place on the tree who won the […]

  • Summer days

    white fluffy clouds make their way towards the sea while cool winds come in off the western coast butterflies take in nectar from the yellowest of daffodils while birds blend in with reds and blues on the hunt for the grubs for lunch

  • Things with two Ts

    #CFFC #LetterT Challenge for the Letter T entry was a little different – any photo but must have two Ts in the title So as i pondered over some buttered toast , i considered what sort of images i could use I like butterflies, i like the coloured patterns on their wings I took this picture of […]