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Shiny things

Salford 16th August 2017

taken by inky like a magpie in summer, and collated for your enjoyment in response to the daily post

Ooh, Shiny!

1. Diamond backed frog with two coins of the realm

2. The Moon, taken from a Salford Sky at Night

3. Plane in the test flight area of the RAF Museum at Cosford

4. Oldham Museum and Art Gallery – with its glass roof

5 .  Coins

6.  Pottery at Salford Museum and art Gallery

7.  Imperial War Museum North’s Metal “Shattered Earth” – Really Shiny on Summer days

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Building Blocks



Building Blocks, at the Cabin, BASIC Clicks. (p) BFK 2016


It begins simply enough,

a simple bucket of bricks

stacked up from top to bottom

till at last – they topple

oh what fun!


The next thing you know

you’re building a wall

with stuff from the sea

and occasionally it falls

oh what fun





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Brick Red

#Coloryourworld #cyw #Brickred


Building blocks

Ready for construction

Into homes

Concrete set

Kicking off the start of a wall


Rallying cry of the hundreds ?

Every brick is ready for the task – to fulfil the

Designers Aims, plans and designs

Architecture Buildings Family Home Life


Greengate, Salford UK

Words by Inky : Image C/o Google Images


See that stretch of brown land in front of you

some town hall boffin has planted a seed

watch as the tiny cabins grow

aided by steel, concrete and cables

services for those who use them ?

that’ll come later

when the professionals meet

and mater and pater are pushing prams down the street

when the developer pays his fees

Art Art Gallery Arts Buildings Poetry

An Impressionist View


Manchester Art gallery, Manchester, england


I’ve taken some time with this

Mulling over the angles on where to

Photograph this classic building

Rolling around in my head – what media to use

Everyone has their favourites, but I like using vibrant paints

Some say, that all art is

Subjective – you’ll either like it – or you wont

Indeed, the same can be said for the photographic genre

On the whole though – its what you get out of it

New views of an old building – fresh from the artist.

Buildings Childhood Growing up

Building site


Two kids in a classroom

Playing with their toys

Just a normal day

for the girls and boys

One quietly builds a house

with coloured blocks

whilst the other plays with his van

with silver wheels and shocks

Walls they go up quickly

two red, two blue of course

with roof of yellow on top

to withstand the strongest force

But that doesn’t count

for his truck riding friend

who makes a bawl, making walls fall

by riding the truck into buildings end

Demolition clears up their mess

Constructor starts to mend

with a little extra help

from their contrite friend

Acrostic Learning Memorial Memories

Echoes of the past


Maybe it was the fact – I knew the way,

Edging to go down this way and not the other way I knew

Moments recalled – at the sight of an

Old rusting metal fence, encircling bright shiny new towers

Recollections of a time – a place of learning was here

In which i’d learn my craft, hone my skill

And gain a respect and love for the thing I appreciate

Long since replaced – the place of learning…but its fondly remembered

Buildings Home Life

A House is not a Home

Our House

This house stood
with its brothers side by side
an open window – letting a draft of air through
This empty shell

No one looked
at the empty shell
till one day – a little yellow car pulled up
and Dad arrived

He looked through
past the desolate halls
and saw something – beyond the bare brick walls
A shell ? No more

We painted walls
Cleaned up the space
Opened the windows – and brought air to the place
Mum Dad Sis and me – moved in at pace

Over time we added new things
a bed, bath, TV
In corner of garden – we planted a tree
which became home for the birds and occasional bee

And as time moved on – things they did change
Little sis moved south – at first that was strange
but now she returns with family in tow
handy when the big square of grass needs a mow

People may leave – but back they do roam
proving its not bricks that make house a home
From Easter in Spring and Christmas and New Year
its family all that makes life so dear.

Birds Buildings

Pitch War

Salford 6th June 2016


I don’t know really whether or not the change of use of the building on the corner of my street is a blessing or a  curse.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against development – before the past owners of the building left – the department of work and pensions, it was an interesting sight seeing the local winged wildlife share room with those looking for work.

The building – sixties style with Victorian features – it served its purpose

but then they moved out – and for some strange reason somebody got a wild and crazy idea


So, those in the know spent two or three years drawing up plans.

Of course, whilst this was going on – the local winged wildlife started to occupy the roofspace….it became a crème-de-la-crème of nesting space

And then the builders moved in – and for those who haven’t heard BBC Radio comedy – it was like an early episode of “The Goons” – Namely “The Starlings”

Thing is – though the builders seem to have won – the starlings given their flying orders and the builders turning the old dole office into apartments for those on the nearby quayside…the winged army haven’t gone that far…some of them on sentry duty by nearby private housing across the way.


And as you can see they’re keeping watch….

Architecture Buildings



Born in a kiln – of red sand and clays

Ready for the job in hand

In a moment it becomes a key of

Construction – lined up in a wall – a

Key component of any house