Buildings Poetry


The idea was unique enough

The designer renowned

The location perfect

Time Tables agreed

Schedules formed

Site offices constructed

The steel posts went in

The concrete poured

The building took shape

The foremen looked a little disturbed

Some doors didn’t hang right – Some windows didn’t fit

The builders carried on unperturbed

There were birds and squirrels nesting in it

The Owners looked a little nerved

Questions from the bank – had to be swerved

On opening day, visitors were turned away

The architect’s team – looked on in dismay

The architect himself – developed a frown

The builders had been reading – the plans upside down




source : The Fourth Bear, Jasper Fforde, P.155

when you look out towards the river

you’ll spot a swathe of green

amongst the towering skyscrapers

its the prettiest place you’ll have seen

The fathers are sat perplexed at the mo,

for they’ve been offered some cash to bestow

so long as the man wi the concrete

can dig up the trees that do grow

And the maps are recording it “Untouched”

so it costs less for builder to build

and no chance of digging up something

that will see sight of money unforfilled

But locals that live there are anguished,

and want to keep their patch of green

they’re making a move on the town hall

to ensure that the diggers not seen

Animals Nature

A New Nest

A poem by me, published in the Allpoetry publication – “Reflected Memories”, about a nearby redevelopment and the birds who lived on the roof

a new nest

As the humans left
The old Victorian building
Squatters moved in
To take their place

The new owners
Took a shine at first
To their feathered friends
But not for long

High pitched noises
Made it clear
To the winged residents
“Not wanted here!”

And so, buildings been done
Without a need
To give the winged locals
A regular feed

But on nearby rooftops
The winged ones are back
And heavy set builders
Fear feathery flack