Crescendo The noise began softly enough as the orchestra’s strings began to play the flutes and the piccalos joined in with the tune led by an oboe and a bassoon to the listenener the music was perfectly poised as those there playing were joined by a bang and held in the air – silence itContinue reading “Crescendo”


Brassy Bronze it may not be, but it can bang out a tune Resonating a sound that travels up and down the land As great winds travel through moulded instruments Some would call it a bit of a live wire with its sound, but Spark like some other metals ? its remote. You’ll see itsContinue reading “Brassy”

Antique brass

#coloryourworld #antique-brass #cyw At times you could mistake it for gold with it’s off yellow patina Decorating houses 🏡 with things from time gone by But it’s much more valuable than that To each wooden door 🚪 its castings and shapes Bring a smile to those who are greeted by it As younger successors buckleContinue reading “Antique brass”