Food Pleasures Poetry

My brain is like toffee


I think my brain is like toffee

Its controlling the things i eat

Turning my mind towards hunnycomb

and other things that are sweet

Im eating breakfast waffles with honey

and maple syrup with ham

Sunday roasts are covered in sweet stuff

with recipes from Uncle Sam

But its not just at mealtimes i do this

snack times i refuse to budge

till i’ve had my helpings of ice – cream

with several helpings of fudge

You might think i’ve put all the weight on

With my thoughts of toffee on mind

But the walking i do from place one to place two

usually puts the calories on grind.

Life Poetry


Salford 21st February 2020

A tale of ‘recovery’ from brain injury by inky

#Fowc #Progress


Waking up

Washing face

Without falling or dropping stuff or

Walking out of place



Remembering a face from a

Reel of names without

Reaction causing




Collecting your Cocoa from

Carol at Costa without

Causing an earthquake

Causing Cascades to the floor



Reading a really good book, while

Relaxing, without

Rolling into a deep




Remembering what you went

Right down the stairs for – without

Reactions, disturbances or plain forgetfulness



Memory workshop

Stem Cells

In this weeks memory workshop, we’ve learned a bit about how braincells are made up and

what leads to automatic responses in the brain.

Automatic responses come from a part of the brain called the “Amigdala” – which controls your heart

rate and temperature – this part of the brain also controls your emotions – Happiness, Fear, Anger…the whole

Kaboodle!  The amigdala sends signals through the braincells through parts of the cells called “Dendrites”  each cell when looked at close up looks like a tree…and the dendrites are the braincells “Branches”…these send the information to the various parts of the brain that needs it.

Attention BASIC Concentration Memory


colored maze vector graphics

This weeks session @ BASICs Memory Workshop focused on

Attention and Concentration

As part of the session, we were given two maze puzzles to do.  Now, the aim wasn’t to complete the puzzles – more to concentrate on doing them and maintaining the focus of going round the mazes.

As we did the mazes, we were asked to note when our attention slipped – as usual, mine went around the hour when we had a tea break in the café!!!

I found it difficult in places – as my hand tended to slip as I moved around each maze , but it got easier as I concentrated on the task in hand

In Honour of the groups work – I’ve found a little maze on Google graphics. and I’ve left it above for you to try.  See if you can make your way round the maze without your attention wondering (suggestion: don’t do this around meal times!!!)