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  • What’s inside the box?

    What’s inside the box?

    #Writeclub with a nod to Andy @ Writeclub for the prompt It arrived with a fanfare “Special Delivery” A Gift from one of your relatives All nicely packaged And wrapped up in a bow What’s inside – is anybody’s guess but you’ll have to unwrap the box so you can see just what’s inside.

  • Theatre


    #Octpowrimo #Theatre Take a bow, Mr Thespian hot footing it back to the stage for your eventual encore as the curtain raises the roar of the crowd gets louder as they react to more of the stuff they hadn’t heard during the evenings events

  • Keep

    #writephoto #keep from atop a hill among the clouds the watchmen look across the way each window pointing a bow and arrow fear instilled in those wearing the metal hats, for up on the opposing battlements, another watchman is looking, with their bow and arrow, waving back at them