Garden Memories Poetry


Salford, 9th February 2018


Plants need looking after when they’re little.

I remember , as a lad being given three packets of seed by my Grandad.

they never told me what was in those silver packets

but each day i’d go to my spot by the lawn, to see what popped out of the ground

and with watchful eye, my mum and dad helped me sort the weeds from the plants

whilst i watered the soil, when the clouds weren’t dropping the rain

and each day, slowly but surely, the little seeds grew

flowerheads hid away till the sunshine appeared

and on those days i’d water them with my watering can…

then one day the flowerheads opened

and a square of reds, pinks, oranges , yellows and blues surrounded the lawn

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For years, a defining line for who owns what

each individual tending their side of it

never forgetting of course to

converse with the neighbours next door

everybody keeping their patch of green tidy


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Vivid Violet

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Very striking – you stand out in a crowd

In fact, your flower heads  offset the other colours in the border, from the

Orange of the marigolds surrounding your stem or the

Lemon yellows of the pansies nearby

Everyone in the garden, enjoys your colourful view, as

They pass you walking on the garden path



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Mr Macgregor made a mistake

leaving those plant pots there

for where there was a lush green lawn

now requires a little repair


For a bobbled line of circular kind

can be seen each side of the path

it looks like the Macgregor’s lawn

faced Mother – Nature’s wrath


So circles round, they decorate

down the garden from house to gate

in a shade of yellow – green

(a colour the Macgregors aren’t that keen)


But certain plants they like that shade

and vibrant colours they’ll parade

Next to the yellow-greenish border

where everything to them is nice and in order