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  • The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester. A response by inky Among the summer fountains and stalls for this and that something from Westminster landed on ground – Flat It took local wildlife by surprise and pigeons they did up and rise to see this tower – now lying adrift on their spot they were a little miffed The […]

  • Hidden Secrets

    Hidden Secrets

    #Promptuarium What secrets are hiding behind the pages of the library ? if you pick up the right title you might be surprised As the bookshelf moves and you find another way out

  • The last chapter

    #promptuarium #writing #library #books The chief librarian was a bit perturbed the books on the shelf had been disturbed the books they seemed that all was fine until the examined each of their spines See with some ease and reletive dexterity someone hand set the last chapters free driving the readers around the bend as […]

  • Berserk


    #Fowc #Berserk By the time , you’ve got a handle on this everything has changed reactions wild , leads to a rockstar event in the room stopping the wild child – and tempering the rising mercury could explode in your face but really – when the devil has turned back into an angel, you’ll keep […]

  • Peruse


    #fowc #peruse I’ve had my nose in a few books recently fingers thumbing over some well crafted hardbacks by the late, great author Sir Terry Pratchett Some written as solo projects, others collaborations with one or two video’s (OK – DVDs) to go alongside them it’s not just the reading i take pleasure in it’s […]

  • Roolz

    #Poetry #Writeclub #Rules #School Stop Fidgeting, keep hands on the tablethen pick up the pencil and solve if you’re ablethe exercise given on the chalk boardand follow the teachers instructions to the hordeTreat your books with respect – and you will passdon’t scribble or leave them lying on the grasslose them and your folks will […]

  • The bears move house

    The bears move house

    As regular readers of my blog will know, I’ve been shifting things around to accommodate my new bits of aerial artwork, namely my quickbuild planes from airfix They’re now all happily parked on the top of my bookshelves, so when little paws show up with my sister…they won’t get accidentally broken However, this has meant […]

  • Reference

    #fowc #reference Really, there’s always one place in Every library that you can get all the answers From atlases to chronicles to news articles Every bit of info is there – which is why the Revered keepers of these books keep them from leaving the library Even keeping them in their own section Now, the […]

  • Browse

    #Fowc #Browse Bookstore owners are getting upset Reality is their customers are using the stores more like a library Objecting to paying full price for their wares When they know they can pick up a free copy from the web Simply by clicking a button on their devices Even now – they’re not picking off […]

  • Labels

    Looking around my bedroom office a number of things can be spotted by the individual markings on each item on display like the local library – they’re sorted by what’s on the label ! so i can access them easier , later.