Out to sea

#Octpowrimo #Ocean #Sea Sat on a boat in the Sunshine enjoying the ocean blues as the sealife swims alongside Shoals of excitable marine life are following the line of the boat Slicing through the waves each passenger lifts up slightly as the boat goes up a touch

Memories of a glass bottomed boat

Rhodes, 18th October 2018 Watched with intent As Mediterranean blue Mixed with Aegean aqua Travelling over waves As crabs met tentacles Admiring the land lubbers Shellfish communicate with conch The shows about to start As hermit crabs scuttle towards the bigger fish In an instant they appear Waving a fin or a tentacle In theContinue reading “Memories of a glass bottomed boat”


Salford, 3rd February 2018 Detritus floating en-masse down the ship canal Readily aided by the boats and the water Is floating aimlessly towards the basin gates Full stop only happening upon hitting the booms where each stick gangs Together forming a pretty pattern on the Waters surface Overjoyed geese, plunder the booty, piling One largeContinue reading “Driftwood”


Elemental Salford 17th September 2017 They cut through the Earth, to create this canal. Development led to a series of Basins being dug, which filled with water coming from, not only the canal, but the skies too.   Originally , the Wind carried ships down the canal – using their sails, but nowadays these boatsContinue reading “Elemental”


Unmoored floating out of the marina and into the bay did a sleepwalking helmsman hear “Anchors Aweigh” Floating off silently to seas far off shore cries from crew heard far on the shore “help us all!” they implore For on its journey out to sea stuck in mud crew found it be only hoping forContinue reading “Unmoored”

Navy Blue

    Navy ? A Nautical colour Very respected as the colour of the senior service Yachts to Dreadnoughts – are adorned in it   North to South – Compass bearings Are used to navigate Vessels through dangerous waters – Yomping through ice and hiding from the enemy   Naval Company Colours Anchored off theContinue reading “Navy Blue”

Memories of Holidays Past

Memories of Holidays Past (alternate title : A Salford lads venture in the Southwest of England) The English Riviera… Torquay, Paignton, Brixham – the English County of Devon One heck of a place to get to by Car, even more by rail. Heading south, through mystical places – on an intercity train. A great adventureContinue reading “Memories of Holidays Past”