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Another scribble for the coloryourworld month by inky.

Artwork by Inky – created in painter from google stock art

Birds follow the noise of these colourful flowers

Lightly swaying in the spring breeze

Under the cover of a spruce they’re spread

Enjoying the protection from the passing showers

Beautiful colours to please the eye

Encompassing the area around the tree roots

Launching into a dance routine – upon arrival of the Bees and Butterflies

Landing on the flowers to collect the nectar

Colours Flowers Garden Poetry



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By Brian F Kirkham (inkdropk)

From deep among the woodland green

a musical flower sends out the call

swaying in the gentle breeze, it passes a message

from brother to sister it goes through the trees

as the messengers sway in the gentle wind

with the arrival of Spring

“wake up – one and all !

our message is clear

the winter has departed

and spring is now here…”

BASIC Garden Nature Outdoors Photography

Close ups and Still life


27th April 2016

Location: The Enchanted Garden, Brain and Spinal injury Centre, Salford.

Today in BASIC’s photography class, we’ve been practicing some Close-up techniques as well as learning how to “Frame” an Image.


Upon agreeing a subject – we headed out into BASICs Garden to try out the theory of framing an image in practice.  There was plenty of subject matter to go at, as there was a lot of flowers around the garden.  These ranged from Roses to Marigolds and even Tulips.

Purple Flowers in the Borders




Tulips and Bluebells

Open Tulip

I’m particularly happy with this photo as it took a bit of time to get the shot the way I wanted it.