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Birdsong (Summer)

No rumble of traffic

No noise in the street

Not many people

Navigating the street

But somewhere in th’ treetops

swaying in the air

families of birds are

chatting away there

Singing ’bout blue skies

and the weather that’s greet

while on mobile’s behind the glass

the humans all tweet

Acrostic Clouds


Sunday 1st March 2020

Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is

A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for

Years, staring out the window

Doodling sheep out of the clouds

Reactions from the teacher ?

Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention

As the warm rays cast onto the tables of the classroom

Making colourful rainbows across the table

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Wild blue yonder


#coloryourworld #cyw #wildblueyonder


Heading out to sunnier climbs

the sea looks jewel like from up here

an absent-minded deity

must have dropped it from above


Wild blue yonder – tween sky and space

up in the clouds – the planes keep a pace

so passengers landing, on islands they’ll stay

and enjoy some sun, some rest and some play


Nothing to see but sea and sky

as through the marshmallow clouds we fly

heading for azure waters of greece

and sun, sea, quiet and peace



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Autumnal ?

Salford, 10th November 2016

The weather has taken a bit of a turn at Inkdrop House,


Believe it or Not, despite these dirty great grey clouds outside the window


There is however – a serious drop in temperature, which has led some in the house to crank up the central heating.

I could retreat to the warmth of my duvet – but I’ve got another shift at Imperial War Museum North to go to – a second layer is definitely required.

11.34 am – I think somebody upstairs heard me typing

(Amazing what a bit of Blue sky thinking will do eh?)


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Marshmallow Monday Morning

In response to the daily post prompt Morning


Looking out of my window on a summers day in Salford

Warm, Gentle Breezes

and a patchwork of Marshmallows are floating in the sky

The sun is playing peek-a-boo behind one of those clouds 🙂 but he’s there – and should the breezes do their work, they’ll be some lovely blue skies when I make my way to the museum this afternoon.

I could get all poetical – but I’ve already delved into that particular pie – the link is below, enjoy.



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Blue Skies




The sky is blue

a perfect weather day

white fluffy cloud sheep pass on by

Somewhere up there

the wind is playing gently

moving a kite to and fro

Occasionally the sun

plays peek-a-boo

or Hide and seek

as the clouds pass by

And the hide and seek goes on

behind a building or hill

and will keep on moving and hiding until

Mother nature tells him its time for his bed

and its time for the moon

to play with the clouds instead.


Holidays Summer


A set of three-liners to do with the summer season, enjoy

Ra has awoken
sending his blessings
to his worshippers, below

Patchy blue skies
Cannot stop arrival
of Bright Blue Bermudas

As Mercury rises
coolness of oceans
provides a delightful breeze

And Ice-cream men
across the land
smile at empty serving pots

The Heatwaves delightful
under a parasol
and the sea ? Dive In!