Penguin en vacances

Chester Zoo via Blackpool beach, August 2018 #Penguin Paying a visit to his relatives upshore eager young penguin travelled round the coast navigating the north wales coast and Irish Sea, he got to the sands of Blackpool, where under cover , while holiday makers and zoo keepers slept into the frosty enclosure he got –Continue reading “Penguin en vacances”

Window on the world

#Spectacles #Blackpool #Photography #Poetry Salford, 29th July     Seen through the wide window Pictures begin to form, captured by the lens Everyday artworks, appear in a full spectrum of Colour, bringing life to The scene in front of you As you press the button, and release the shutter – Camera captures your view ofContinue reading “Window on the world”

The return of the lights

Salford, 12th December 2016 I have had a wonderful few days in the run up to the Christmas festivities Manchester’s volunteer choir were well received at the volunteer celebration at the Town Hall, whilst the smells and sounds of the Christmas markets have been in full swing. However, today I had the opportunity to take inContinue reading “The return of the lights”

A Cat-astrophe

Plop 6th September 2016 The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream they say yes – meanwhile inContinue reading “A Cat-astrophe”