Sunday 1st March

#CYW #Grey

A Dalek from doctor who on the side of the trafford side of the quays....sans black and white

Gone is the colour from the photograph

Reds , blues and greens

Escaped from the page, and

Yet – the shades of black and white, make the image more definitive


Monochrome II

Ordsall Park, Salford in Monochrome (Image: Brian F Kirkham)

#Octpowrimo #Black #Cyw #Grey #Greyscale

A rainbow of colour bled dry

leaving more than fifty shades of grey

Night and day coming together

replacing colour with something a bit more definite



Salford, 16th July 2019

#coloryourworld #cyw #black

Born out of light and Fire , the first colour

Left on a wall to make its mark

A simple drawing in a cave – not on paper, that would come later

crafting a tale – telling the news

Keeping the locals informed – news of the hunt

Fashion Poetry


#Fowc #Bargain

If it’s what you’re after

its the deal of the day

you’re keeping half the price

in your little pink purse

for getting to wear all

of that little black dress


Black cat

Salford, 4th February 2018

Singing it’s calls in the middle of the night

A black cat appears with four paws white

Out of the cover he pops up his head

Skipping into garden, waiting to be fed

Wailing kept silent, for his owner still sleeps

So round garden with mouse, he gently creeps




Colour of night

Dark, but cool at the same time

Where would all the sun loving dudes be

Without their darkened shades

Without it

Words would be sad

With only blue to communicate

Red is angry, green so envious

Lines are clear

The pages succinct

And penguins and zebras

Can be drawn, in relief

Colours Poetry writing

Color your world – Month 4

Small Jelly Beans
Small fruit jelly beans in many colors.

The Final Hurdle – and I’m pleased to report – I passed it!

Here’s a list of the colour poems for month 4 of the Colouryourworld Challenge.

Hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them


and for those looking for the other months 🙂

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Astronomy Colours Poetry Time

Deep Space (Darkness)

#coloryourworld #cyw #black #space

During the night

as the earth turns

the sky turns black

distant stars

appear as mere pin-pricks

in a velvet sky


whilst the other half is at work and play

the half cast in midnight

sleeps soundly away



Acrostic Cooking Food Holidays Pleasures Poetry


#coloryourworld #cyw #eggplant


Everybody cooking knows about the eggplant –

great addition to a stew – and staple of Mediterranean cooking

good baked in the oven , stewed or even in a soup

purple in colour – though some mistake it for black

liked by vegetarians for its meaty texture

a fruit of its plant, though its referred as a vegetable

nice to eat in a salad with a dressing

together with feta, olive oil, olives and tomatoes – a wonderful supper dish

Character Colours Poetry


#Coloryourworld #cyw #Shadow

He’s there by day (and sometimes at night),
Follows round me like a puppy – but doesn’t bite.
On Night streets, he’s home before I reach gate,
arrives in the morning, he’s never late.
I see him on Curtains, on walls and on doors
in front of me on lawns and pavements and floors
He bends around hallways, and up and down stairs
and sometimes, he catches people unawares…
See, depending on time of day, and the sun,
my shadow and I can have some great fun.
As the sun rises up, he grows from my feet…
and you can see him quite clearly – right down th’ street.
But, the thing is, and here’s where I’ll give thee some news
My shadow isn’t really attached to my shoes.
So, at Night time – he disappears – when I’m resting my head
and reappears quickly when I get out of bed!