Challenge 30 – No3

Something in Colour and Black and white Something B&W and in Colour…. Two things, my England Barbarians Top and My Imperial War Museum Fleece The BaBa Rugby Shirt is Black and White, Whilst my Museum Fleece has had all the colour drained from it – it would be brilliant red if this were colour…. BothContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No3”

Gremlins in the Machine

Gremlins Salford, 23rd November 2017 Gremlin n. a cause of unexplained malfunction ever get one of those days when nothing goes right ? Thursday evening – and i’m going through the snaps i took with the D3100 the other day. Now take a look, this is how my dear computer judges what my camera thinksContinue reading “Gremlins in the Machine”