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  • Wisdom from a Tea Cup

    #Writeclub #Tea #Brew #Drink Watch as i let off steam, as the leaves bathe and change colour…. take five as the colours in my cup swirl about, and take in the flavours from a distant land…. you can learn quite a bit from my pyramid pal. sit back in a comfy chair and ease your […]

  • Tea


    Taken at every time of the day Especially in the Morning At Breakfast Time There are times when a cuppa can be quite a ritual Enjoying sandwiches and cakes with A Brew around four or five Tea comes from different locations Each has its individual flavour Assam, Darjeeling or even Yorkshire…. Taken any other time […]

  • Rocky Road

    #Octpowrimo #tea #dinner #sweet #icecream Refrigerator opens – and out of a frosty draw comes marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate kept hidden in a cherry ice cream you’ll be talking about in the playground for weeks Reactions to the initial tastes out of nowhere – sounds of immediate approval….an immediate suggestion for dessert after tea.

  • Summats brewin

    Summats brewin

    Late night on a Tuesday , Watching a comedy on the golden channel While Russell Hobbs is whipping up a storm For my late night cup of tea The fruit tea looks on enviously, No imitations tonight …. I’ll leave that to the comedians Tea bag oozes through the milk till it gets that oh […]

  • Endurance


    #napowrimo It wasn’t the walk through wintery woods that bothered this hardened explorer or the westerly wind knocking on the wooden window frame or the wait for his dinner to be cooked on his camping gas stove It was more the length of time spent dunking his oaty ships biscuits in his tea before the […]

  • Taking five

    #FFFC #Christmas #Gingerbread He escaped the initial onslaught of christmas day Hiding in plain sight whilst watching the fondant animals get chomped by all and sundry now lying in marshmallow luxury in his grand gingerbread palace his life clock – short, much like himself but he’ll enjoy his time till the hot chocolate gets brewed.

  • Biscuit

    Salford, 3rd June 2020 Baked – like a cake – but for longer it’s middle depends on it’s flavour sometimes it’s jam if its a dodger creamy flavoured middle if custard or bourbon usually eaten with a beverage, like tea or coffee incredible range down the biscuit aisle taken and dunked, regularly, around afternoon tea

  • Millionare’s Shortbread

    Millionare’s Shortbread

    4th May 2019 funny what I can come up with, when I’m peckish Sandwiched together hot off the confectioners table oblong biscuits of loveliness rippled with caramel and chocolate taken usually with a nice cup of tea crafted by an artisan and served up as part of an afternoon lunch keeping watch, children with a […]

  • Digestive


    Definitely something to go with cheese In a salad, with tomato and cucumber Goes great in a picnic or lunch box Even nicer when covered in dark chocolate Some say, it’s the daddy of all biscuits To others, the rich tea aficionados Its a worthy opponent Versatile whether with a hot drink, or on a […]

  • Chocolate (Acrostic)

    #Octpowrimo Crafted from the cocoa bean and Hot steamed milk Out of the cold autumnal morning Comes something warm and satisfying Only your tastebuds can truly tell why you Like it so much As you send a biscuit in The sweet smelling brew, for a bit of an Explore