mystery ii

Salford 30th March 2019 #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #mystery a response to iscriblrs wonderful mystery challenge…enjoy. A strange thing happened the other night Under the cover of dark Something with a sweet tooth paid us a call He snook into the kitchen, without giving us a fright And sitting down at my birthday cake, he did parkContinue reading “mystery ii”


Another piece from Inky, in response to richa’s Freedom of Expression Challenge Crack open the party poppers, for its an Extra special day today Lots of people are coming to share in Excitement, in honour of somebody who’s having a really significant Birthday…. raise the roof and dance till you drop…. tell the celebrant howContinue reading “Celebration”


Salford, 1st June 2017 An acrostic by Inky in response to the prompt Portion Perhaps its time to watch the waistline On the whole, its a terrible shame Rounding on the pounds, in the way that you do Today should be a celebration – Its your Birthday! Of course you can enjoy your birthday teaContinue reading “Portion”

Hidden Intentions

Conceal A piece of prose by the author, in response to the Prompt   What is that hiding behind your back ? Something you do not want seen – hidden away Who’s that for ?  What’ve you bought now? Your face reveals nothing but a beaming smile Clues abundant – around the house Icing sugar and poster paintContinue reading “Hidden Intentions”