Honeycomb Ii

Manchester, 11th august   #beeinthecity #manchester #hunnypot   six sided structure created by worker bees for the colony   sleeping in their nest little bees dream of honey from flowers next door   Travelling over air homing pigeons cannot beat worker bees radar   treasures collected from inside the flower head create a sweet thingContinue reading “Honeycomb Ii”

Off on another Bee Hunt

Manchester 26th July 2018 #beeinthecity #Manchester #Bee #Travel #art “We’re going on a bee hunt”….Winnie-the-Pooh in Manchester,  July 2018 I took myself off on a Metrolink today, on the search for more Bees on the #Beesinthecity trail The tram took me into Manchesters centre…but i stopped at Manchester Central where i spotted the first of myContinue reading “Off on another Bee Hunt”

The bees have landed

#beeinthecity Salford and Manchester 23rd July There’s been a swarm of colour land on my home city Hard working and landing on the landmarks around the place Bringing a buzz to the neighbourhood! The bees will bee (deliberate typo) in the surrounding area till the end of august Check them all out at https://beeinthecitymcr.co.uk/art-trail #beeinthecity #beeinthecityContinue reading “The bees have landed”


#coloryourworld #cyw #gold You’re precious to all, Shining in the sunlight, Magpie’s swoop at the sight of you whilst Men seek out the places you play hide and seek Not as hard as Iron your qualities valued up and down the land formed to create a union Very hard to break Bumblebees strive to create from the pollenContinue reading “Gold”