Another scribble for the coloryourworld month by inky. Artwork by Inky – created in painter from google stock art Birds follow the noise of these colourful flowers Lightly swaying in the spring breeze Under the cover of a spruce they’re spread Enjoying the protection from the passing showers Beautiful colours to please the eye EncompassingContinue reading “Bluebells”


A piece written for National Poetry Month on Sharing it here so, if you like it you can comment! Hexagonal in form – overall storage space fornectar collected by the beeeach space brimming withyellow sweet liquid goldchances areoutside in the summer sun – youmight just see a prospector of this yummy stuffbuzzing around the nearestContinue reading “Honeycomb”

Color Red

A selection of stuff, taken by me during photography classes submitted for Cees Fun Foto Challenge Starting from the top, the Man Utd bee (1 and 2) – still buzzing around Old Trafford, Manchester as part of #Beeinthecity . next the tin soldier (3), an old tin box i kept cookies in. Red Bowl withContinue reading “Color Red”

Creating a buzz

4th September 2018 #Beeinthecity #Manchester #Buzz A poem in honour of those colourful bees currently nesting in my city The hive will be in Gtr Manchester till 23rd September – it’s well worth a visit. (for those who haven’t read my #beeinthecity posts – they’re artworks!) The hive arrived Home for some bees With artisticContinue reading “Creating a buzz”

Bee Industrious

25th August 2018 #beeinthecity #manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Castlefield, Manchester Busy little bee sits in his own little world Among flowers and scents and colour working over the flower beds where the people wait for the train industrious little fellow he is

The bees have landed

#beeinthecity Salford and Manchester 23rd July There’s been a swarm of colour land on my home city Hard working and landing on the landmarks around the place Bringing a buzz to the neighbourhood! The bees will bee (deliberate typo) in the surrounding area till the end of august Check them all out at #beeinthecity #beeinthecityContinue reading “The bees have landed”


Sting Salford, 17th September 2017 Someone should have Told the sun worshipper to not go near that hive Instead they went on a honey hunt – and met some angry bees Note – they were whisked straight off to First aid – “Got to tell you” – said the nurse – this is going toContinue reading “Sting”