Looking : A Found Poem

#Love #Romance #Poetry Salford 14th January 2019 another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18 I’ve stopped looking for that diamond that brightens up my day the beauty of your eyes still capture me in the evening light as we pass each other by and memories of walking through the daisy patch stillContinue reading “Looking : A Found Poem”


Perfume A poem written by inkdrop for the daily post : Perfume Salford (via Heraklion) , 10th May 2017 Perhaps it was her eyes that first attracted me Everyone stopped – freeze frame as we met Reaction to that wonderful smile – unabashed, but From that day on, she seemed to be everywhere Unusually, iContinue reading “Perfume”


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Mauvellous   Magnificient All the girls on the Cretan sands go to great lengths to highlight their beauty Understandably, its what grabs the boys attention Veering an eye towards the girls on the sands Everyone recognises a precious gem on the beach Long flowing locks and Lashes to attract the most shortsighted beefcakeContinue reading “Mauvellous”