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  • Commonwealth

    #commonwealth #games #sport #culture #Queen They’re meeting up in Birmingham like Glasgow and Manchester before to take part in the friendly games and go for medals galore From Canada and Australia they’ll gather and from Caribbean Islands they’ll meet to take part in a number of sporting events some that are down your street And […]

  • Relay


    #Olympic #Relay #Running Racing to reach that golden finish line everyone has to do their bit to get their teams baton through last leg as important as the first and it’s crucial to keep a good grip of that metallic tube you drop it – you’ll be out of the race for a medal

  • My Treasured Possessions

    My Treasured Possessions

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.” This one is a bit of a tough question to ponder, over the years i’ve collected a number of certificates to do with either Education and Training – leading eventually to the award of a HND from Manchester Metropolitan University.  I went through the […]