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  • Tasty

    There’s something special about a chinese barbecue something in the way the various spices in the sauce cling onto the pork, chicken, beef or fish yet you can pickup each one on the tip of your tongue

  • Too Much of a good thing

    Too Much of a good thing

    #food #chinese The box was clear – it said “Serves 6” hidden away within the circular foil tray little spicy moments ready to be released wonderous aromas of ginger, anise and five spice fused in a rich tomato and cinnamon base wafting under the nose as the tray turned, like a gymnast flipping the contents […]

  • Barbecue

    #Fowc #Barbecue Best Beef Sausages Are happily sizzling over Roasting hots coals Beefburgers drip hot fat in Expectation of sizzling onions Currently cooking on a skillet, while Up on the far table – next to the sesame seeded buns Every kind of sauce and relish imaginable – they’ve even got Curry!

  • Relish

    Relish Really summery days see days on the front lawn Everyone in a straight Line, waiting for the meats on the grill and chef Inviting them to try, Something tasty and flavoursome on their Hot Dog, Burger or Veggie Delight