Birds Poetry


two magpies on a nearby roof
two magpies on a nearby roof

Making moves on a Salford rooftop

a magpie greets another –

getting comfy on a television aerial

perched as they are , on the corner of the building

it’s blustery and cold – so as soon as they’ve met – they

exit for a more sheltered position – under the cornices of a nearby building


Challenge 30 – No13


#Challenge30 #photography #balance

They say the economy’s stable…

tell that to the change on the corner of my bedside table

I took it out of the pocket of a pair of trousers i threw into the laundry and they landed on the table like this

The coinage will, of course be spent sometime soon – or stuck in the piggybank. But for now they sit on the corner of my unit

Balancing like acrobats at a circus.

Poetry Time


Thieves of time,

Subtle in their art

As a penny passed tween one weight and another

Carefully counterbalanced

So the cogs of the clock turned round

Just so

Cogs kept moving

The giant hour hand

As minutes passed on by

Whilst the second hand, cried

People stared at their time pieces

Trying to get it back

But the clocks in the town hall square

All wailed out of time

Listen up people…in orchestral chimes

The auditors have been in….and committed a crime…

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Salford 26th October, 2016

Reeto, folks…I’ve got a confession to make.

people say to me , you’re clumsy….

When I was younger – I used to take this to heart, i’d fall over, trip up, drop stuff and have to replace it – and worst of all – i’d bump into people and things – a lot.

However – when you’ve got a shunt in your head that’s keeping you going – to treat Hydrocephalus – you tend to accept the stuff you’ve been landed with.  A recent revisit to the neuro ward at Hope Hospital in Salford (Manchester, UK) brought this into sharp focus recently.

And to those who say I’m clumsy – I have the brightest retort – I can live with it quite happily.  I might seem a bit slow, but my minds one of the sharpest in the room.  I’ve played cards with the reaper three (or four?) times now and each time I’ve won (even though, the first occasion – i’m too old to remember it)

If they took the time to think about it – and swapped shoes with me for a day or a week – the detractors would soon think differently.

Focus and concentration and in some cases memory have to be trained after a spell in surgery.

That fine vase that’s in the living room?  you want it moving? i’ll be able to do it – but don’t expect  speedy delivery unless you fancy a jigsaw puzzle…I can give you accuracy, and speed – just not at the same time.

What’s more folks – its getting better – and i’m managing the hazards. Each hurdle has its different challenges, but my volunteer work has seen me doing a number of events – and all unscathed – you’ll be pleased to hear…

and on occasion – i’ll write about it.

Oh and that computer you’re reading this blog on – I can identify the faults on it like a zen master.  Again – If there’s a problem I can fix I’ll do it.  But I’ll also be able to tell the guy on the other bench with the fiddly soldering iron what the problem is too…

So on a day to day basis whether its working at the war museum or athletic stadium – I just take my time – watch my steps – break down the jobs I’ve been given – manage what i’m doing, refer to the aides and help I have – and (last, but certainly not least) look out for those pesky obstacles  – including the cracks in the pavement.

and all with a smile.

Cracks in the pavement