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  • Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    OKA One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-July 2022 #tsc1to3 with thanks to Kate at thesquirrelchase.com for the image. Here’s the pic i’m going to play with – strange we get more Grey’s than Red’s in Salford (Northwest England being the stronghold of the Reds at present) – but i like this one.

  • Collector

    Written in response to Sadje’s Sunday poser, Link Here It begins simply enough. Your grandparents, or great-uncles or aunties passing you an album for your sixth or seventh birthday slowly filling the book as each item is picked up places you’ve never been to finding their way to their allotted spot the craft develops over […]

  • The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester. A response by inky Among the summer fountains and stalls for this and that something from Westminster landed on ground – Flat It took local wildlife by surprise and pigeons they did up and rise to see this tower – now lying adrift on their spot they were a little miffed The […]

  • Through a window (stained)

    Through a window (stained)

    #Stained #Glass #Window #Poetry #art #crafts Produced from pieces of coloured glass individually picked out and placed in a frame capturing a scene of a famous building together, as the sun shines through each piece up on the walls a coloured scene appears reactions – by the people amazing enjoying the site on the steel […]

  • Space – a poem

    #Space #Acrostic #Art Someone sent a message through the solar system, and it was Picked up by a friendly Alien – who having enjoyed a Colourful excursion on the Mother planet Earth, packed up his bucket and spade and headed for the Blue and Green

  • Design

    #Fowc #Design Desired ideas from the craftsmens heads extruded onto paper some say its an artwork in itself as individual pieces of a building, product or vehicle get shown on paper noting their structures and little quirks

  • Frame

    #Fowc #Frame Fixed moment in time… relayed in glass and mounted proudly on the wall might be an artwork, a certificate or a photo, but it’s something everyone will enjoy looking at

  • Tropical Fish

    #Holidays #Sea #Fish #Artwork 4th March 2020 Sinking my toes into deep sand while the fish swim around my legs i look like a colossus to the many under water – as my feet make their way through the waves its only when i stop – to take a look at the horizon do they […]

  • Double

    #FOWC #Double a sweet tasting response from inky to fandango’s latest one word challenge Not your normal after dinner treat it’s got two of everything, vanilla scoops, chocolate scoops, brownies, the lot covered in drizzles of sweet chocolate syrup even the wafer’s got a dash of cocoa running through it pudding – a nice light […]

  • The Wall

    Chapel Street, Salford 2018 They reclaimed the bricks and numbered each one as the diggers did their thing the builders saving a theatre wall you could almost hear them sing   artwork by the cathedral doors in colours you’d never expected before bright neon on the way to town spread across bricks orange/brown   numbers […]