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  • Workshop


    A response to Scott Coe’s #Syntax Poetry Festival Prompt You can’t call it a school I don’t see blackboards, I don’t see books Drills , Hammers and Saws make up the look creative types – making things from wood or metal and plastic – if they think they should learning the skills of a noble […]

  • Art in Glass

    Art in Glass

    #Art #Stained Glass #Marble The hot molten glass found its way around each leaden nook and cranny not what you would call your average coloured glass tones mingled past lead colours falling through the cut panels of crystal painting floor patterns Movement by Sunshine makes the bird in the wired glass look as it takes […]

  • Hand-Made Gift

    #Napowrimo #Gift 20th April 2020 A gift from the heart, that’s what it is Really – the monetary value is – irrelevant Time and care has gone into the creation Specially made for you Crafted colourfully and with great thought Really great to look at, when its in front of the light As the sun […]

  • Landmarks


    Salford,30th June 2017 Hi folks. The prompt for today’s post comes from a strange source – in that its not technological at all – it’s the humble letterbox. Aside from my scribbles – and photography – I am a keen philatelist – or stamp collector. There’s a reason for this – the pictures give me […]

  • Arts and Crafts

    As you know, if you’ve followed this blog – I’ve been going to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford to aid my recovery. As part of this I’ve engaged in Photography and Arts Classes run by the local College at the centre. The photography class still continues – despite a change in provision […]

  • The Wabbits have landed

    The Wabbits have landed

    A number of Large rabbits have landed on Salford Quays. Its all to do with a digital lightshow taking place on the quayside, entitled ‘lightwaves’ – the aim of the show is to animate the spaces around Mediacity and the surrounding piazzas. (for English purists: I can’t call it a Square – Its Round!) There’s […]

  • Out with the Samsung

    Out with the Samsung

    Shots of the Mediacity & Quayside taken on a Walkabout of the Quays in Salford.  Camera used was my Samsung WB-250…the one I use as a backup for Panoramic Shots.