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Engraving Art

Revealing an image one bit at a time….

Although I never studied it at school, I’ve always had an interest in art. Whether it be using pencil, pen, pastel, crayon or ink, there’s something that raises a smile when I’ve produced something worthy of hanging on the wall.

It’s also therapeutic, in that it aids my attention and concentration.  Which is good for me as occasionally my mind wonders like an untrained puppy….

The Artworks here were created from kits – a Preprint is printed on the top of a blackened metallic / coloured border.  As the image is scraped away the picture in the metallic is revealed.

The Kits come in five kinds – Copper, Silver, Gold, Holographic and Rainbow.  My favourite subject ? the Animals are my favourite subject

Ducks (in Silver)


Penguins, Diving (in Silver)


Kittens in the Garden (in Silver)
Art Football Industrial Memories Photography



A response to the Daily post Challenge – “Alphabet”


(Photo taken by the Author, Camera used Samsung WB-250)

Salford, 15th January 2016.

The picture you see is a Mural , created by the artist Walter Kershaw.  It’s not the original, The original was taken down and replaced by the Trafford Park Development Corporation when I was in my teens.  The second edition, whilst the building it was on was still being maintained by the corporation hung on the wall with pride for many years – until some of the industries that sponsored it moved out of town.

If you head to Old Trafford to see the football its still on display there – a memorial to the industry that once dominated the area.  A pictorial A-Z of Northern Industry. Some firms are still there, the Delivery and Haulage firms as well as the food and chemical plants and you can see them as you travel around the industrial park.  Rank Hovis has a factory opposite the northern branch of the Imperial War Museum – which itself is on the old site of storage silos from the second world war

And if you wander where your Morning Cornflakes come from – they’re most likely to have come from the Large Kelloggs factory in the centre of the park.

Both my Father and Grandfather worked at the MF Industrial works on Barton Dock Road, which has since passed over to Kelloggs since the work moved elsewhere in Europe.  The Mural fondly remembers the factory though – as the vehicle the works produced appears on the picture alongside the company logo of the time.  A fond memory of the works car park comes to mind – where the diggers were proudly on show in the docking bays.  At Christmas any remaining diggers would be decorated brightly in Christmas lights

The building the mural hangs on – once a storage facility for the docks – has also undergone some changes – as it’s become a nightclub venue – strange but true.


Creating A Subject

The Artist’s Eye

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Artist’s Eye.”

The Human eye captures million’s of images every day.  How They are interpreted is a bit of a flying fish shoot.

I’m currently doing a photography course at the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford, as part of my ongoing rehabilitation, and living in the city gives an ideal opportunity to capture clouds

A Fair weather day in the city of Salford#

I was so taken by the clouds one day – I wrote a poem about them – “Marshmallows” – which you can find on the blog here

“Light Fluffy Clouds up there in the sky….”

Local Artists too, Had the knack to capture Salford’s Skies, indeed , the picture I’ve posted may have been a lot different in L.S. Lowry’s Time – perhaps down to the fact that most industry bid farewell to the Manchester Ship Canal with the closure of the docks, leaving less pollution in the sky and a much bluer hue.


Paint the day with Colour

Take up your brush
and paint the sky
a brilliant pastel blue.

Add in a warm yellow sun
and fluffy white clouds too,
add in a horizon – a building or two!

Colour your seas an aqua blue
and if you want , or if you wish
add some big silvery fish

On your shoreline add to reds
to the sandy rocks by the bed
Add a boat green that’s painted bright
and a lighthouse that’s painted white.

Not forgetting those men with the nets
wearing bright yellow – you cannot forget.
Shadows of seagulls, in the distance black,
as nets pull full nets to the harbour back.

Art Poetry

Reminiscence of a Muse

  They say poetry can sometimes come from tragedy

A Silver winning poem by me from the pages of

The poet picked up
the photo from the floor
it left an impression

Pressed down in the ground
by an empty bottle of Merlot
encased in finest green

Work of perfection,
destroyed in a moment
by the Artist’s hand

Angelic Form in pastel pink
now sullied in vermillion red
where did she travel to ?

Disappeared out of Sight,
Artists darkened thoughts bright
Across canvass

Phone Call to friend…
Despair down line sends
Ambulance round bend.

Art Poetry

Wordsmith or Artist

A Bronze-Winning Piece of Poetry, Written by Me – enjoy

As each new page is turned,
colours amass in every word written.
Imagery appears out of every verse
as the writers hand, etches out his tale

Descriptions of a summers sky
the colours of the birds that fly
and cotton wool clouds that pass on by
its hard for artisan to try

So listen to the tale, that’s quaint
as picture of a season i’ll paint
in words of colour on a summers day
and those in the garden that go out and play