Brain and spinal injury centre, Salford 26th June 2018 two friends locked in a meeting of minds heads of two mighty armies engaging in rank from rook through to queen keeping an eye over each army is the ruler of the of the land at either end night facing off against day in a battleContinue reading “Chequered”

Roman Wall – Mamucium

Manchester, 26th July 2016 In honour of the Roman Wall at Manchester’s Castlefield I wrote this brief little ditty. Pulled it out of the leaves of Notebook 1 so I can share it with you all (Artwork created by me – using Corel Painter) Ave! My friend.  and welcome!, sit down.  rest, as you enter this garrisonContinue reading “Roman Wall – Mamucium”

A Busman’s Holiday (with a Lancastrian Twist)

22nd June 2016 Today I took my camera on the tram to Bury, and met up with fellow Imperial War Museum (North) volunteers at the regimental museum of the Lancashire Fusiliers. The Lancashire Fusiliers fought in battles all over the world during their time as a regiment in the United Kingdom, and this museum documentedContinue reading “A Busman’s Holiday (with a Lancastrian Twist)”


Hey! Over Here! Yeah, man its me! I’m hiding, in plain sight, out here in the sea. A product of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy (but one you can’t spot – on that we’ll agree) I’ll hide to protect you, by day or by night. With my dazzling colours i’ll avoid a fight. Coloured like sea,Continue reading “Dazzle”

Another boot in a window

A tale of an Old Army Boot – On display in the timeline at Imperial War Museum North in Trafford, Manchester.   Another boot in a window ? The cobbler must be proud! As it’s placed in a window wi uniforms Oh, how it sings out loud.   But, dear boot is looking quite shabby,Continue reading “Another boot in a window”