Something tiny that changes everything

#Writeclub #Napowrimo #Nature #Life #Water with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A small cloud went on a wonder from the west down to the east II A Small Seed was planted by a child helping her mum and dad III The small cloud watered the spot where the small seedContinue reading “Something tiny that changes everything”


#Guyfawkes #Bonfirenight For many , If someone planned to Raise their home to the ground – Expectations Wouldn’t be to celebrate with Toffee apples or Parkin Of course when Guido’s night comes about Reactions aren’t about his attempt to Kill those in the houses of parliament more the Silver and Golden trails that rise upContinue reading “Fireworks”

Something to look forward to

#Baking #food #pie #apple #pudding #writeclub Salford, 10th June 2020 The preparation seemed endless the pie dish lined with the finest pastry rolled out , sugared and buttered now sat there waiting for the filling The Smell of Bubbling Bramley apples merging together with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon attracts the local feathered residents looking longinglyContinue reading “Something to look forward to”

Drifting off

#Dreams #Writeclub Salford, 30th April 2020 Drifting into a lovely dream resting on a hundred or more feathers and a few more bouncy springs in time i’m picking toffee apples off a nearby tree, and four and twenty cartoon animals are joining me to have the wonder of all picnics in time – i’ll beContinue reading “Drifting off”


#Fowc #Food # Turnover Salford 15th April 2019 A tale of an Apple Turnover This is a bit of a wonder Undeniable – the baker is a bit of a marvel Ripe apples transformed into a take home delight Nice eaten hot with custard Or cold with a bit of icecream Varieties exist – someContinue reading “Turnover”

Challenge 30 – No10

Food…..or should I say Foooood! I could be some time with this particular part of the challenge !(sic) I mean where to begin – I’m a bit of a foodie. I enjoy my food – not just the meats but the pasta and vegetables as well. Christmas time sees a smorgasbord of delights, from SpicedContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No10”