Summer Break

Sitting in the garden Playing with a ball As Mum or dad Call out – from beyond the hall Excitement awaits – we’re off to the museums! Down goes your head – you don’t want to see ’em Of course, its not like you’re grateful – you’ve been there before Up with your classmates –Continue reading “Summer Break”


In response to the prompt Anticipation Anticipation As you know, there’s a day in the year where endless Numbers of children up and down the land Take to their beds (early) In the hope that in the wee hours of the Christmas season starting, they’ll get a chance to Inspect what’s been left under the decorations. Presents,Continue reading “Anticipation”

Six word story challenge : Anticipation

27th February 2016 Recently i’ve been taking part in the Six Word Story Challenge run by one of my fellow bloggers Sometimes Stellar… here’s the link : This weeks challenge : A six worder on Anticipation – Here’s my Take on it Chocolate Pudding for Afters – Can’t Wait!


Another poem with an Olympic theme, seeing as we are approaching the Rio Games in Brazil. It was basically a write up of the build-up and expectation, over the time i was helping out as a spectator services team leader during the Football Competition in Manchester.  I’ve put it into some kind of verse! WavesContinue reading “Waves”