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The Melting pot

Pulled out and dusted down from my archive, a tale of a little Turkish café, me and my family visited on a previous visit to Turkey, this occasion was the coastal town of Side, near to Antalya.

Enjoy the read!

There’s a place on the corner
Where the people all meet
And the hosts are all welcoming
In the way that they greet

Where food from the east
Is ate by people from west
Tastes and the flavours
Are surely the best

It’s the place where the English
Meet up with the Danes
Watching over dinner
Some football games.

It’s the place where the locals
Entertain all their guests
Whilst Swallows and Swifts
Go home to their nests.

And the Turkish all dance
Waving scarves in the air
Dancing away happy
Without a care

It’s the melting pot by the sea
Where east meets the west
A place that for eating
is surely the best

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The Accomplished Traveller

While out on Holiday to Oledeniz in Turkey – I took along a very special guest

My little mascot – Bean Bear!  He’s a winnie-the-pooh beanbag that’s been

up and down the uk and to places in Spain, Greece, and Turkey with me.  For some reason,

he makes me calm when i’m on plane journeys…and that’s probably down to the fact the bigger

version of him  was used to calm me down when I was in hospital facing an operation.

Little Yellow Bear (The Accomplished Traveller)

A different place,

a different wall.

He sits on the bed,

Where he knows he won’t fall.

He’s travelled to places,

both far and of wide,

he likes the warm sunshine,

but prefers inside.

He’s the small yellow bear,

who reminds you you’re home

whether out on the sands,

or under a dome.

And he’ll sit there on

His nice new spot.

With the cool breeze

He likes that a lot!
And he’ll stay with you there,

till you head for the beach

when he’ll stay in your pocket,

he’s not out of reach.

And he’ll stay till it’s time

to get back in your case

and it’s time to go home

or to some other place.