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  • Watching Angel

    #WDYS Its not as if you missed him at Christmas but when you put all the decorations away at twelfth night – a couple of them found resting places around the house so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best for this crack team – won’t be put to the test and if […]

  • Choir


    #Christmas #songs #choir Christmas week and the sounds of Heavenly angels are filling the air Out of the clouds you can hear them In the fields and villages they sing “Rejoice! a saviour has been born”

  • Medium

    #Socs #Medium Man in the middle expecting to receive a defininate message in the air around him unless he’s disturbed messages from the angels and spirits come quick

  • Rainfall

    Salford, 23rd August 2020 Moving across the sky Magnificent clouds of grey Move to offload their cargo Angels tears dropping As the creator drops something heavy And says something angry (and naughty) Collecting in crevices on community streets Creating puddles and in some cases mini reservoirs Children playing in plastic macs and colourful wellies

  • All Hallows Eve

    All Hallows Eve

    A post in response to this weeks #Writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent (at SCVincent.com) The wicker man had a party before the angels landed The wicker man was worried he thought he’d be reprimanded See opposite the church , he’d built a great wood pyre something for the ghouls and ghosts to be inspired The […]

  • Torrent


    #writephoto #torrent I. The creator dropped his tool again Turning the clouds a different shade of blue The Angels sighed – and then They cried – and their tears Turned towards the earth below II. The raindrops raced to reach the ground some landed on the ragged rocks some landed on fragrant fruits whilst others […]

  • Teardrops

    The thought of it just being the Evolution of evaporation and condensation, doesn’t ring true with me. Up there with the Deity, helping create the mountains and Rivers, the angels have heard their boss On occasion when he’s hit his thumb with a hammer Precipitation? Maybe if you are solely a geographer Something tells me […]

  • Cloudburst


    In response to weekly weather : Rain   The angels are crying again up in the heavens God’s in his workshop planning out the seasons and he’s dropped something heavy on his big toe Judging by the colour of the clouds and the sudden burst of rain he’s not happy!