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  • Taking in the view

    #FFFC The walk up the mountain path was a long one with snaking twists and turns past mountain bogs and pot holes and occasional dead ends They’d gone up the mountain for a challenge and to see what was at the top but stopped at a meeting point half way up eating so they wouldn’t […]

  • Adventure


    #octpowrimo #memories #adventure Appleby – in – Westmoreland, Lake district Hard hat and rigging applied i found myself scaling down the side of a very rocky hillside My own personal Everest quite a way from the top of the hill down to the bottom I felt reasonably safe secure in the ropes and clips i […]

  • Car


    #writeclub #adventure A car is not an Adventure though it could just get you there saving you the shoe leather or even the bus fare It gets you there from A to B using the various road and track Travelling down endless steel railed paths and buckets of flattened tarmac It’d be great – if […]

  • Adventure


    #writeclub #listpoem Adventure comes from a small leather case stepping onto the plane and heading to a place well out of normal reach definately not your normal nearby beach imagining how happy you will be sat with your mum on dad – on a spot by the sea

  • Up the Stairs

    Up the Stairs

    #Promptuarium Moving to the town was always going to be one grand adventure Barleycorns exchanged for the finest food money could buy – right by the door If you knew the spots sweet pastries from beyond the usual mousehole But dangers afoot Living in the Metro town Neighbourhood felines

  • Rapid


    #Fowc #Rapid Running quickly through two rocky cliffs carving out minerals as they go water foaming while turning and tumbling while adventure seekers in their boat get splashed about – as it hops and jumps – over the white foam