Tag: acrostic

  • Memorial

    Monoliths of mighty stone Encapsulate the names of the heroes Motivated to defend their country. On foreign lands and waters they lie, but in Reality, they are never forgotten. Inscriptions remind us of the debt, we All owe to the men and women who fought Long ago

  • Pasta


    Pasta By Brian F Kirkham #Foodforthesoul   Prepared by the finest hands Allied with flavours of the region Succent Tomatoes, mix with the finest herbs and mozzarella To create a sensation fit for any Italian town And Ham, Salami and Olives enhance the taste

  • A Short Piece on Clocks

    public domain artwork from polyvore.com   Container of time Locking tumblers and cogs Over days months and years Cover the movement of hands – hear them tick! Keeping watch for Father Time as Sand passes through his timer

  • An Acrostic to begin

    Compass By Brian F Kirkham Crafted with Care to Orientate the vast Map of the known world Passing through All lands nearby – Seven continents await as do the Seven stormy seas