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  • Elements

    Each thing on the planet links to another in one way or form examining the ground, you’ll find more than just a home for your carrots and peas each grain of soil contains metals and compounds nutrition that goes into the vegetables to keep you nice and healthy small, the amounts. you dont want to […]

  • Sample

    #Fowc #Sample Simple little things A Selection of Colours to help you Make a decision what you want on your wall Perhaps a blue, a green, or maybe a bright zingy orange Looks you can ponder over – before committing to the tin Expect some debate – but these will save you some money

  • Make a Note

    Make a Note

    #Socs Really Important Events are taking place on Monday It’s important to Note the place and time as well as the Date – somewhere that’s in plain sight so its Easier to see – so i can Recall what’s happening on that day

  • Guess Who?

    #WDYS Someone you haven’t seen for a while is Up in your neck of the woods – travelling up Roads and hills to say Hello Purpose of the visit – they missed you Reactions ? as you would expect In fact, there’s a big hug coming your way – followed by Something special happening later […]

  • Seahorse


    #writephoto Sailing through the waters below enjoying a stride through rock and coral a nimble little creature travels about hunting for a bite to eat over ocean bubbles he rides resting occasionally on a bit of seaweed snacking on treats around him and enjoying every minute

  • Product

    #socs #art #product #pencils #colour #drawing Positioned in the plastic case, from red through purple with every other colour of the rainbow waiting to be drawn with unless you’re doing strictly monochrome , these coloured sticks are the perfect pencils to draw out a colourful scene

  • Ring

    #fowc #ring round band of silver intended for a loved one notification – that you’re going to get hitched

  • Priory

    #writephoto #priory #Writephoto #Priory Place once of Monastic life, now a place to relax and take stock in grounds away from the temptations of everyday life and enjoy a retreat from troubles of your everyday routine

  • Iron

    #socs #iron Its a metal found deep underground railway tracks are often forged with it and directed from north to south or sometimes east to west Its what they call Ferric, and has occasion to rust, particularly if exposed to the elements often, you’ll find its been protected with some new fangled coating – to […]

  • Bottom

    #Writeclub #Music #Tuba #Acrostic Bringing a moment of “Musical Accompaniment” to proceedings out of nowhere comes this magical tune – you might not realise where its from till somewhere in the crowd out front and centre – a solitary individual makes themselves known to all and sundry