Breakfast Food Fun Nursery Rhymes

Desertion at Breakfast

A relation of Humpty dumpty
Lies soul less on the plate
His remains will soon be headed
Down the bin or nearest grate

His guard detail, was a little poor
Soldiers round him …. three or four
But though in number, they gained a tan
As part of the big egg disposal plan

Encircled round egg, his guards they dropped
As top of egg, his head was chopped
And looking round as eggs end appeared
His guardsmen they all disappeared

And so, with egg all out and in,
His remains were thrown in the nearest bin
And as for those guardsmen all fingers and thumbs
They joined him in the bin as toasted breadcrumbs!

Art Heritage Historical History Industrial Photography Poetry

Standing Statues

The Cargo cranes of Manchester Docks, captured on my camera and
The Cargo cranes of Manchester Docks, captured on my camera and “Drawn” using photoshop – Now a happy memory as the cranes are no longer there. Captured and Created by the author.

A tale of the old cargo cranes that once stood proud by Ontario Basin on Salford Quays.

They stood side by side
On the edge of the basin
Dressed in their regal blue
The sky above as clear as day
With the sun reflecting their noble form in shadow.
Once giants of the waters edge
Two Colossus of their time
Lifting precious cargo from ships from far and wide

The mighty ships have left now
No longer passing by.
Stopping now at another destination.
The birds in the skies the cranes only friends
As new craft live in their basin
Their noble arms no longer needed
As the boats are too small now
For them to give aid.

Buildings Heritage History Industrial Museums Poetry Regeneration

Walking down the streets i knew

Heading from the museum bridge
and past the Lowry
I’m heading for my little place
by the streets once known to me

Wharfside still contains its ‘houses
but cottons been traded by song
Sea Shanties ? No, but sounds of the day
that play out all day long

Ordsall Hall still stands proud
Off Trafford and Ordsall Lane
A stones throw away, from where kids play
and the site of a redundant crane

Some Public Houses stand adrift
whilst others cook a different whiff
As ghosts of past lick their lips
where once was beer – lies fish and chips

Towers tall on waters edge,
where posh folk sip coffee on their ledge
apartments now – the latest scene
like the ones they knocked down – it seems obscene.

High schools upped their sticks and left
as hotels they moved in
but new ones rose like the phoenix
as new term dug itself in

So remind me now – when you talk
of communities on Regent and Tamworth Walk
and Townhouses proud on Napier Green
With changes in city – no longer to be seen

Attention BASIC Concentration Memory


colored maze vector graphics

This weeks session @ BASICs Memory Workshop focused on

Attention and Concentration

As part of the session, we were given two maze puzzles to do.  Now, the aim wasn’t to complete the puzzles – more to concentrate on doing them and maintaining the focus of going round the mazes.

As we did the mazes, we were asked to note when our attention slipped – as usual, mine went around the hour when we had a tea break in the café!!!

I found it difficult in places – as my hand tended to slip as I moved around each maze , but it got easier as I concentrated on the task in hand

In Honour of the groups work – I’ve found a little maze on Google graphics. and I’ve left it above for you to try.  See if you can make your way round the maze without your attention wondering (suggestion: don’t do this around meal times!!!)

Art Collecting Poetry Stamps

First Day Covers

I find it truly amazing

fellow artists

send magnificence

delivered from hand to hand

and cascade to the floor

through my door

the recipients ecstatic

at the colourful print

give out a hint –

They want more

And so, without fail

they search out the sale

the latest editions from Royal Mail

History Holidays Travel

Revisiting Heritage sites

I’ve been looking over my notebook this morning and a common theme seems to have taken place.

My love for pen drawing (not taking photographs of) places I’ve been to…

Roman Ruins, Oledeniz

Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey, the lagoon beach on Oledeniz gave me lots of opportunities to capture the surroundings around me.  And whilst i’m not an avid sunbather – I had plenty of time to develop a tan while I was doing it.

The drawings are of the Roman Ruins near to the Lagoon area of Oledeniz.  They have been well preserved and are now offset against the beach clubs and sandy beaches of the hotels in the area.  Old Roman Bricks now settle with Turkish Flowers and Sun Loungers, and it was wonderful to see.

Roman Ruins 2, Oledeniz

In some places the local wildlife used the piles of marble as a cool hiding place from the sun.  Aside from the sun, the area reminded me of Castlefield’s Roman Wall…but without any of the facelift!


Lessons with a Lightbox

DSC_0004[1] DSC_0005[2] DSC_0006[1] DSC_0007[1]

On Wednesday, I took part in BASICs Photography Class, where we learned about creating still life’s using some basic items and a light box, which we were also shown how to make

Using Fruits and leaves, provided by our marvellous tutor, Maggie – I managed to create some great patterns –  The fruit board and the pic of the two leaves were created using a table lamp as the light source and worked just as well.

Funny thing is – I did these shots on my Xperia Mobile Phone.  Happy the way they turned out , I particularly liked the fruit board I set up!

Animals Reptiles

A Tale of a Lizard

When it’s 40 Degrees in the shade, and you are in a Turkish Hotel ?  What do you do?  Go Lizard Spotting, of Course.
I first met this fellow hanging around on a wall outside my hotel bedroom in Oledeniz.  He was there in the Long grass above the Ground Floor apartment, and popped his head up to say “Hello!”… It could have been the water sprinklers that he was interested in – or perhaps the supply of fresh fruit dropped outside.  But every day i’d see him running around the big trees of the hotel estate…you couldn’t miss him really, he was huge!
 Flowers in the Sun by brian f kirkham
I soon found out I was in the centre of a bit of a menagerie, with not only Lizards but small mice, cats, birds and bees on the plot (Turkish Honey – Yummy with Fresh Fruit!)
Animals Nature

A New Nest

A poem by me, published in the Allpoetry publication – “Reflected Memories”, about a nearby redevelopment and the birds who lived on the roof

a new nest

As the humans left
The old Victorian building
Squatters moved in
To take their place

The new owners
Took a shine at first
To their feathered friends
But not for long

High pitched noises
Made it clear
To the winged residents
“Not wanted here!”

And so, buildings been done
Without a need
To give the winged locals
A regular feed

But on nearby rooftops
The winged ones are back
And heavy set builders
Fear feathery flack

Ghosts Halloween

The Little Ghosts Tale

This piece appeared in the forward poetry anthology “Darkest Before Dawn”.  Thought i’d share it here….

A little ghost came out to play
but found the children ran away
When he appeared that Hallowed Night
He wandered what gave them a fright

He’d been alone in that old spooky house,
with no one to talk to but a passing mouse
who after seeing little ghost wi a squeak
ran off quickly with an eek!

But then one night of New Years Eve,
an old black cat, were playing in leaves…
He spotted little ghosts ghostly head
and decided to play in his house instead.

And the old black cat, brought his chums too
chanting and wailing and all going BOO!
and the ghosties and ghouls all round the place
made friends with the ghost wi’ the bluish white face

So when you see trails on All Hallows Eve,
Don’t be frightened, Don’t worry, Just believe
as the ghosts have their tea at Little Ghosts Place,
the one where the host has a bluish white face.