Nature Parks Poetry

Ode to an Acorn

An acorn falls

down onto the green

with old oak leaves , around and between

there it sits, there, all alone

alongside the conker, or odd pine cone

food for the squirrels, or feathered birds maybe

more likely planted to become a new tree.


Six word Story : Double Cross

I switched my glass for yours. .


Six word story challenge : Anticipation

27th February 2016

Recently i’ve been taking part in the Six Word Story Challenge run by one of my fellow bloggers Sometimes Stellar…

here’s the link :

This weeks challenge : A six worder on Anticipation – Here’s my Take on it

Chocolate Pudding for Afters – Can’t Wait!

Colours Poetry Weather

Blue Sky Moments

The skies are blue,

broken up in patches

by little white , fluffy clouds

somewhere up there

The sun plays hide and seek

behind a building or a hill

and will keep on doing that, until

the clock turns 12 and its time for his bed

and its time for the moon to play with the clouds instead

Canalside Industrial Museums Pleasures Transport Water Waterside


Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, 26th February 2016

I Went on an excursion with some of the lads from Manchester’s IWM North today to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, where I learned about the canals and their heritage.  The journey involved a brief stop for provisions at the M56 Motorway Services.

I took along my DSC-H300 too – in order to take a few pictures to remind me of the day

There were several Interesting pieces on the Manchester Ship canal which we left to make our way to the museum, including items from the Dock Office as well as pictures and models of the boats.

After seeing some wonderful artefacts, I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea in the café to go with my packed lunch, before going on a fact filled trip on a Narrowboat down the Shropshire Union canal.



Nigel and Bill – Stand to Attention!


National waterways museum, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Transport Weather Winter

Jack frost – the artist

Anybody telling you the weathers improving – I have evidence to the contrary if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere. Jack Frost was out again last night


Location – The Drive where Mum and Dad park the car

And as you can plainly see – Dear old Jack has danced all over it!

However, I do like the patterns he’s left on the roof – its quite artistic.

Dad isn’t that impressed – he’s scraping jack’s artwork off the windows.

Garden Nature Photography Poetry


This poem written by me, first appeared in the forward poetry title : New Beginnings.

I’ve given it a little polish and decided to share – enjoy.


Daffodils, Enchanted Garden, BASIC, Salford


Like their glass friends

The humble garden bulb

Has sat quietly

All Winter.


It’s waited for the signs,

The first melted ice

The dropping snow

or the returning birds


Prepared for the moment

that spring in the air

And that special time

The sun hits the ground


And as those first warm rays

Drop onto the ground

It pops up a shoot

And takes a look round


Then it drinks up the sun

and lets colour – explode!

Giving some beauty

to a home owners abode

Seasons Spring Weather Winter


In response to the daily post prompt Seasons

Allegedly, its supposed to be Spring in the UK right now.

I say this due to the arrival of Ash Wednesday in the Churches, the birds returning from their holiday homes in the South of the globe, and a much clearer and bluer sky above my head.

However, despite wispy white stratus clouds replacing the Cirrus and Cumulo-Nimbus clouds you get this side of winter – the clear blue skies come with a definite nip in the morning air

This leads to a retreat to my bedroom quilt, or another button being upped on the house thermostat.

Wispy White Clouds over Salford

Winter is hanging on for dear life, and throwing what it can at people as much as it can get away with it….Proof can be found on the Kitchen thermometer that hangs near the fridge.  Normally at a comfortable height due to pleasant temperatures – its mercury has gone into retreat.

Roll on March – and (Hopefully) Spring.

Acrostic Poetry Space


Never have I seen something so Blue

Even the clearest sea on earth seems faded

Perhaps the stars collected

To produce this gem of a planet

Under the gaze of the telescope, you’ve

Never seen anything like it – its truly



Named after the god of the sea, at the

Edge of our solar system

Possibly the bluest planet in space

Taken as the last spot before the dwarf planets

Until you

Navigate beyond the

Envelope of our Solar System’s map

Acrostic Astronomy Poetry Space


hubble-saturn-1Saturn’s rings are seen turning in space

And its rocks that form them turn with some grace –

To and Fro, the rings go around and around, whilst

Under its rings is a satellite found

Red and yellow clouds pass on by, forming

New rainbows in Saturn’s coloured sky