Mrs Fantastic

In response to the prompt: Now You See Me

I couldn’t explain it

That woman intrigued me.

The way she controlled a situation

Men hovered round her like moths to a flame

and then, blink for a second and you found

she’d vanish (for a short while)

An ideal talent for playing hide and seek

even better – for a secondary school teacher.

Just as you thought you could make a break

from the boredom of general science.

a voice appeared from the ether

“Just where do you think you’re going ?”

Art Poetry

Old Painting

I wasn’t thinking of any female muse when I wrote this – i’ll leave that up to you

In the dark recesses
of the vault
she sleeps

Timeless beauty skilfully captured
by the artist
in Oil

Youth frozen on canvas
Preserved for History
in Dust

Beauty forgotten in time
Stored for Eternity
by Prospectors

And her mark left
visible on old
Painted Walls


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A Moment…

In response to the prompt :  If I Could Turn Back Time

I’m brought back to a Christmas Dance, or was it Valentine’s Day ?

Fifteen years old, and wet behind the ears….

A memory of a beautiful girl with Jet Black Hair, and a smile that would melt the frostiest of hearts.  I recall the briefest of dances, and a polished hall floor – and a pair of eyes that I could have fallen into, those pools were so deep.

Here’s Me – shuffling my feet in distraction, Her – Smiling at me in gentle reassurance. I could have sworn she just winked at me.  Her hand drifting softly into mine as we softly skipped across the wooden dance floor.  And then with a peck on the cheek – it was over.  We’d left the dance floor holding hands, but more as friends – not anything else.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda – comes to mind.  I tried to remedy the situation a year later – but by then we were heading down different paths…It raised a titter down college corridors.  So perhaps – If the clocks could be reversed – and I got that second chance,

what would I do ?

Ask her the question obviously….


History Monuments War


In response to

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Sitting on Marble

Surveys his patch of Green.

Oh, Noble Father of this Town

See the

Fruits of your Tremendous Feet

As Colour covers ground

With Happiness

All Round


A Mirrored Syllable Poem where the top half of the poem (2-4-6-8)

Mirrors the Form on the Bottom (8-6-4-2)

Learning Museums

Making my way through Makaton

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Monday afternoons normally find me in the Imperial War Museum’s Ground Floor Section, where I help with Visitor Enquiries and the Your History Family History section

This Monday was a little bit different, as I joined a group of Volunteers in a session in one of our Learning Rooms where we learned about the Language programme, Makaton

Makaton helps those with learning or communication difficulties get what they want to say across using a mix of Signs, Symbols and Speech.  It helps develop their communication and literacy skills

We learned some basic concepts in using the Makaton System.  Our Tutor kept to the topic of how we would use Makaton within the Museum, and by the end of the session we had learned 30 concepts to do with the museum.

Hardest part of the session ? trying to describe something without talking!

Photography Poetry writing

In Camera

Hands clasped around

the electronic eye,

capturing moments

as they start to fly


Holding in Memory

friends – Old and New

capturing colours

Yellow, Red and Blue


Flash light flickers

with shutter going down

capturing memories

of your night on the town


Holding your friends

in the space of a frame

so you remember

their faces and names


Airforce Army Military Museum War

Tale of a Balloon


Barrage balloon 2.JPG

This is a picture of a Barrage Balloon, It was used (alongside many others) to provide cover against enemy bombing attacks on Britain during world war II.

Despite its size and volume these balloons were terribly lightweight and required teams of operators to anchor them and keep them in position.

They were used in areas of strategic importance , such as Runways , Railways and Docks.  The port of Manchester was considered a key target for the enemy airplanes in World War II because of the vast amount of goods coming through it.


The one you see on here , is part of Imperial War Museum North’s Large object collection where the balloon operators tale is one of many displayed throughout the Museum’s Main Exhibition Space


Life Music

Opening Lines


In response to the Daily post Challenge

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“I still believe in Sunday….as being a day of Rest….”

The Opening lines to the Gilbert O’ Sullivan single “January Git”

The single appears on the album “Himself” – O’Sullivan’s Debut composed in 1973 – a significant year for me, as it was the year I was born

It’s a really jazzy number full of clarinets and trombones, and Dad still has the original sleeved edition in his collection of Old Vinyl LP’s – and even though he’s been dragged kicking and screaming into the age of the I-pod it still gets an airing on the turntable..

And in true fashion unlike your MP3’s there’s no hiding – as you can hear every crackle on the vinyl, coming from the Needle of the turntable.

As for the sentiment – i’m posting this having just arrived back from my duties at my local RC Church – Day of Rest ? You have to be kidding!



Life Memories Schooldays


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Remember your first day at Secondary School?

Some of us know it as “High School”.  If you’re one of my American or Australian cousins – you may have called it “Elementary” or “College”  leaving the “High” bit out till you were 14.

It was also a long distance away.  Life had been relatively easy at Salford’s St. Joseph’s Primary,  If mum or dad weren’t there to see me at the gate – it was a short walk home across the playing field.  The new place where I was heading was up by the Gasometers on Liverpool St – miles away.

When I got to the building, I remember seeing squares, lots of squares. The door to reception has a sign for new comers…it leads to the cafeteria, not the hall….the mass of newcomers begin to grow – I see some familiar faces, so I go through the door.  My eyes see a maze of corridors and stairs.  The fire alarm rings in a short blast and a torrent of bodies go by.

I can hear the rest of the school discussing the morning. Comments on classes, Upper School checking out the lambs to the slaughter.  Mums and Dads proudly waving their children goodbye.

Three teachers arrive in the classroom, Along with the headmaster and his deputy, we’re instructed to follow an older boy, who would give us information on where things are and tell us about timetables, homework and the like.  Our Group (later to be “Class”) head for the Craft Block.

Each room seems to have a different subject – Technical Drawing in one room, a room for Metalworking in another and so on.  Very different to primary : I’m going to be needing a map – I start to think.  A Smell of cooking hits my nostrils.  Its the Home Economics Classroom – would that be where we would be?

“Here’s the place” says the fifth former with a smile….


Acrostic Poetry


Created by a master craftsman to

Orientate the

Map of the known world

Passing through

Africa, The Americas, Europe, and Asia –

Seven mighty continents and

Seawater surrounding them