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As you know, if you’ve followed this blog – I’ve been going to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford to aid my recovery.

As part of this I’ve engaged in Photography and Arts Classes run by the local College at the centre.

The photography class still continues – despite a change in provision at the centre – and its allowed me to run free with my new digital camera – its a bridge camera from Sony – and does a great job for what I want it to do


You may have seen one or two of these before – liberally dropped around the stories on my blog, covering themes of Christmas to the Outdoors.

Fiction writing

A Blog Award – The Liebster


I’m over the moon to read, that one of my readers has decided to Nominate me for an Award

(gets the Kleenex tissues out – If only i’d written a speech…)

So, without further-a-do – a big Lancastrian “Thank You, Luv!” goes out to Libby Vine for nominating me!  I’m just glad someone out there is reading my humble little scribbles on the world wide web.

  1. What city/town do you currently live in? – Salford, Lancashire, UK – Manchester’s Sister City
  2. What book are you currently reading? – So Many on the shelf – but if I had to pick one – Terry Pratchett’s Final Novel – The shepherds crown
  3. Who is your greatest living hero and why?
  4. How many books do you hope to read this year? – Five
  5. Where would you like to go on vacation? – Greece
  6. Which is your favorite children’s book character? Winnie-the-pooh, because for a bear of very little brain – he isn’t half clever!
  7. Do you read paper books or e-reader? – Both
  8. Where do you like to read? – In my Room or out in the Garden
  9. Please recommend your favorite book you read last year in 2015 – War Horse / Farm Boy – two books, one theme – brilliant work by Michael Morpurgo
  10. Why should readers follow your blog? – to read some of my humble scribbles, they’re like apple pies – one isn’t enough!
10 Questions to be Answered
1. What’s the name of your favourite Cartoon Character ?
2. How do you read your books mostly ?
3. What’s your Favourite Film Adaptation?
4. What Book did you read Last – and where did you read it ?
5. I listen to Audiobooks – Do You ? If so – Mention your Favourite
6. Hardback , Paperback, E-Reader, Web – What’s your Choice
7. Three things you always take on holiday – Name them
8. Pick a character from your favourite book – why them ?
9. Deckchair, Settee, Chair – What’s your Preference
10.  Of all the books you’ve read which is your “Must go back to” and Why?
 My 10 Nominees
2. Geethap2007
3. TrevJones
4. Ajoobacats
5. Dailymusing57
6. Passionatelybored
7. Athling2001
8. AbbieLu
9. Asnapshot
10. John White


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The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of written by me – Enjoy the read

Some workers were digging

up pipes underground,

when a very large coloured egg

in the sand it was found.

Now, the foreman of th’ site

didn’t know what to do,

so he called up some keepers

from th’ local zoo.

The egg.. it was green,

and blue, brown and red,

and was lain in the ground

deep down in a bed.

A bed of red sand,

of twigs and of clays –

it looked as if th’egg

had been there for days.

Said the worker to foreman –

“where’d it come from?” ,  Said the Foreman – “Dunno!?!”

And just then the egg

it began to glow.

So the keepers arrived,

with their boss from the zoo,

with a team to see if

there was summat they could do.

“it could be a snake” – the zoo boss replied.

Some big builders turned – and ran off to hide!

As builders they gathered to mend their pride,

the keepers could hear a noise from inside…

The head keeper thought –

there was summat amiss,

as the egg it both glowed

and started to hiss.

The little creature inside,

was feeling awfully glum

as all that it wanted was its

Dad and its Mum

“No need for alarm!”, the zoo boss he said

“we need to give th’egg, some sort of bed

nothing to0 great and nothing so grand..”

so the builders brought over some big bags of sand.

So th’egg it was rested

in its warm sandy bed

just as two shadows

loomed overhead.

“Oh Heavens!” cried a builder

“Begorrah! Begad!

I think i’ve just seen

Th’ eggs Mum and Dad!”

Two big scaly dragons, one green and one blue,

over the heads of the people they flew.

The Head Keeper called for everyone’s calm –

he knew that the dragons, didn’t mean any harm.

And little egg it glowed brighter

as little dragon did peck

and Mum and Dad Dragon

landed on th’ deck

And Mummy Dragon landed,

as Dad flew over sky

as dragons egg it opened

and the contents it said “Hi!”

And Dragons’ smiled kindly

nodding thank you to the team.

They named their little lad “Burnie” –

who was their little red dream

They then made their Zoo friends happy,

as they watched three dragons at night

as Mum and Dad took little Burnie

Off on his first little flight.

And then, politely nodding

they said their thanks and goodbye.

As the dragon’s family headed

to their home up high in the sky!

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Dragon’s Fire

A tale of a Dragon, written by me for a contest in


See that crack down on the ground ?
Quick – retreat – and don’t make a sound!
For underneath your step and leap,
a dragon lies – he’s fast asleep.

A rumble of traffic overhead
as he lies sleeping in his bed
dreaming of days long ago
flying over mountains covered in snow

Chasing the longboats of Viking hordes
taking trophies of shields and swords
with rumble of lorries – sometimes he wakes
and creates what the scholars calls – an earth quake

so careful where you step,

on that crack in the tiles
the dragons fire’s dormant…

(at least for a while!)

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At the Zoo (Edinburgh)

Looking through my notebooks, I found a poem I wrote after visiting Edinburgh Zoo.  I had been attending the wedding of a family friend, and visited the zoo with the rest of the family after the wedding.

Hope you like it.

Edinburgh, 30th April 2013

At the Zoo – by Brian F Kirkham


I went to the Zoo today

and saw a tigger with stripey paws

and a lion with great big claws

but that isn’t everything I saw



I went to the Zoo today

and saw the monkeys and chimps at play

Gorillas on trees, swatting off fleas

and Marmosets hanging off branches by knees



I went to the Zoo today

saw a golden bear swinging off a tree

Orang-utans and Gibbons enjoying their tea

and penguins underwater – like they swim in the sea



panda 2

I went to the zoo today

and saw the pandas out at play

with lots of toys they had lots to do

but most they enjoyed was – eating bamboo



I went to the zoo today

saw a leopard hiding in a bush

and a black panther in the brush

while their cubs dashed around the grass in a rush



I went to the zoo today

and watched Eagles and birds of prey

against grand Scottish hills

I saw buzzards and bills

enjoying the scraps and their swoops and their spills

as I ate up a hotdog from a restaurant grill


People Sport Sports Volunteering


Another poem with an Olympic theme, seeing as we are approaching the Rio Games in Brazil.

It was basically a write up of the build-up and expectation, over the time i was helping out as a spectator services team leader during the Football Competition in Manchester.  I’ve put it into some kind of verse!


by Brian F Kirkham

August 2012


Olympic fever landed on Northern Shores

As a flame from Olympus passed every town and city

And it Came in Waves


We watched as excitement slowly arrived

Anticipation of what was to come

And it Came in Waves


Small Children – drawing in th’street

pictures of all the worlds athletes –

performing superhuman feats

and they came in Waves


From Lands end to John O’ Groats

People on Bikes, Cars, Planes and Boats

Landed in Britain and based themselves around

Britain’s cities, villages and towns

Building the waves


And as Team GB did their Best

Wearing that now familiar vest,

Every country became a guest

as they arrived in waves.


Spectators All, raised a cheer

and family members dried happy tears.

As athletes showed – they had no fear

and Bronze, Silver and Gold appeared

In Waves

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Final Whistle


A piece written during my shifts as a Volunteer Team Leader at Old Trafford, Manchester when London 2012 came to the Northwest of England.

As we couldn’t be biased – I wrote it about the one person the fans always moan at – the referee! (Added a few lines to the 2012 version for build up)

It’s a funny old thing is football.

You wait for what seems forever

for the man in the middle

to blow his whistle

and the action to start.

But then as he does

and ball gets kicked back

you lament the official in yellow or black.

But observe him closely – he observes the rules,

his assistants the same, and they are no fools.

So the whistle gets blown – the games underway!

and the ref and his team want to see some fair play.

If Midfield’s on Striker and he goes in too hard

He’s there to give a warning with a bright yellow card.

The offender knows better, to look out instead

as the last thing he’ll want to see is a red

for what that’ll mean is an early bath

and a meeting with manager and his angry wrath.

So when match is over – and his alarm does chime

The Ref whistles out – its the end of the time

And Whistle is a sign, to players, watchers and all

“The Match is now Finished – You’ve Kicked the Last Ball!”

Poetry Romance

The 5.15

A scribble from my notebook (the aquamarine one), An attempt at Haiku, which turned into something else – hope you like the read.

The 5.15

By Brian F Kirkham


She sits on the bench

Awaiting the arrival

of the 5.15


Last train for Matlock,

Left in a swift moment

So she sits and waits


Cinders Abandoned,

No Prince Charming by platform

To cover from rain


Looking Left and Right

Appearance of a Knight

Arriving on time


Perhaps it was fate

That Drew her eyes not to wait

To make move, Check – Mate ?


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Photography @ BASIC – Ed3

As regular readers of my Blog will know, I’ve been attending the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in my Hometown of Salford , as I aim to address some of the issues linked to my Arrested Hydrocephalus.

Apart from Regular sessions of Memory Workshops – I’ve been taking part in Photographic Classes as a way to occupy myself whilst I’m on “Voluntary Duties”.  Therapeutically, it aids my concentration and co-ordination – both of which have been affected whilst I’ve been living with my condition.

Wednesday’s session was all to do with Close-up and Zoom Photography.  I took along my Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera for the lesson. We used a Pink Rose and a Backdrop to create some really good shots.

My favourite shot is featured in the header – as I managed to get the detail of the flower in the picture without too much hassle.

A rose, subject matter for Wednesday’s session (20/1/2016)

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Blue sky thinking (Again)

In response to Optimistic

A picture of Aphrodite’s Rock, Cleopatra’s beach, Paphos, Cyprus

A bright sunny day makes my optimistic side sing.

Particularly when the sea isn’t too cold to dip your toes in.

It has two benefits – firstly it cools you down – my inner thermostat appreciates the coolness of the water.

Secondly those waters were teaming with little tiny fish that swam around my feet as I put them in the water – Instant Pedicure!!!

No Need for a Podiatrist on this beach….

Off I go for a paddle in the blue.

listening to the sound as the sea laps against your feet – Heaven!