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Voice to text


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Speaking to a Mobile phone gets things lost in translation



#fowc #Disaster

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The islanders were not aware

the fates would turn their watchful glare

on them

The beast below was fast asleep

till something made it jump and leap

near them

And from the ground – and covering rock

the lava rained – giving people shock

round them

and rescuers gathered around

with every naval ship abound

to them

Acrostic Poetry



Getting to the top

of your personal mountain

isn’t the achievement

next thing is

getting the balance to stay there

New targets in sight

often come from

winning the original battle

however, despite how

easy you might see it

reality is – having reached the top

expect a challenge on your spot

Food Poetry


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#writeclub #cake

Could there be

a moment in the day when i could

kick the idea of

eating cake into the long grass ? Hardly

Cleverly crafted from eggs, butter, flour and sugar

and served up steamed or out of the oven

kitchen filling with the waft of fruit or

everyones favourite accompaniment – custard!

Chocolate, Carrot or just plain sponge

a wonder with jam and sponge in the middle

king (or queen) of puddings

enjoyable at any time of day

Acrostic Cooking Food Poetry


#fowc #instant

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Instant gratification

noodles and vegetables

swimming in a flavoursome pool

tasty little number brought to life by the

application of just the right amount of hot water

now – don’t forget – stir it up or you’ll find

there’s lumps at the bottom of your cup (you dont want that)

Chocolate Cooking Drink Seasons Winter


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It’s just the thing on a winters morning

Noted for the quickness in its preparation

Some aficionados might complain its not “The real thing”

Though if you checked the ingredients

And looked – Milk, Sugar, Cocoa – its all there

Noses attracted by the Chocolatey waft

That travels through the house from the Kitchen

Poetry Water Weather

Rainy Day

#SocS #Day #Rain

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Rainy Days ?

They happen more than less at my home town

thing is people casually forget

the city and county i live in – has a number of rivers and canals

when the sun comes out this causes evaporation

and occasionally formation of the odd cloud or two

yes, they tend to drop when they’re not wanted

but the stuff that falls keep the wells and reservoirs full

and when the time is right, putting a pair of

bright red wellies on and splashing in the puddles

is great fun.

Heritage Historical Holidays Poetry


#writephoto #approach

It didn’t look so grand on the photo

but now you’ve made your way past the gate

your weeks accommodation

is looking ever so elevated

and as you approach the keep gate

masked by the fog and trees

the thought of being lord or lady of your own manor

is coming to fruition

Cats Garden Poetry

Garden Antics

#Garden #Animals

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As fresh green grass

shoots up through hardened soil

winged squadrons

practice their manoeuvres


Nose diving into bird baths

splashing in the rainwater

searching out seeds

or occasional


with all this fun

caution – is in the air

those wing commanders better beware

for the resident puddytat

is watching – with a knowing stare!

Acrostic Colours Life Poetry Seasons Summer Sunset



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Making the most of that precious

opportunity, when in the field

out of the last rays of sun, just before

nightfall – Luna makes an appearance

down below her – the children skip and jig

and above them – feathered friends flap excited as

night begins to fall

children will be called in as shades of red turn dark blue, so

enjoy the time in the long grass, they will