Campfire Breakfasts

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Photo by @rrinna on Pexels.com

Preparation is key

while your big billy can

is boiling up your morning tea

you don’t want to waste supplies on your first efforts

Using a steel bowl for the mixing

eight eggs meet up with salt and pepper

as butter melts in the pan

the bread has to be thick to soak up

the golden liquid it descends into

herbs ? onions ? cheese or ham ? Additional options for the masterpiece

but cook off the ingredients over the glowing embers

before putting those golden slices on the pan



Salford, 22nd January 2020

#fowc #refuse

Two definitions for this word fandango’s provided – so I cobbled them together in this

feel free to comment.

Recycling Refuse!

Refusing to recycle your rubbish ?

expect a spot of bother

for if you don’t follow the bin men’s advice

until you do so, the bin will just

sit there – full to the brim of stuff that should be turned into something else

expect an extra invoice when they send a bigger rubbish truck!


Muddy Trenches


These canals were once full

Boats and ships travelled up and down

Collecting Goods and cargo

But somewhere,

where the canal met the river

a grown up scout thought he’d have some fun

He created a dam,

by a campsite ridge

and the water stopped at the spot

Interested Beavers

Marvelled at the scouts work

as the stream dried up beyond it

Fish fled for safer spots

as the water stopped flowing

and stayed behind the wall

And sea birds stood perplexed

wandering why the water had simply



Caught (in the fog)

Salford, 19th January 2020

#weather #fog

Christmas and New Year is over, but winters still here

A patchwork of heavy cloud, lies low – hiding church spires

Until it lifts – it’s difficult to get anywhere

Gravitating over roads and field alike

Hard to make out the silhouettes in the Pea Soup

The landmarks fizzle out the further they’re away


mystery ii

Salford 30th March 2019

#freedomofexpression #iscriblr #mystery

a response to iscriblrs wonderful mystery challenge…enjoy.

A strange thing happened the other night

Under the cover of dark

Something with a sweet tooth paid us a call

He snook into the kitchen, without giving us a fright

And sitting down at my birthday cake, he did park

Having eaten his slice, he went out the door

Lighting up the kitchen , as he passed by the walls

And leaving a trail of cake crumbs on the floor



Salford, 21st December 2018

Melanie looked at the living room carpet

Enveloped by four soggy footprints

Local law enforcement scoured the area, but

Terrible thing was … they couldn’t find the culprits

Even the footprints outside could be found , it’s like they

Disappeared in the snow ❄️


Old friends

Salford, 14th November 2018

Memories of a mate, brought back in an instant

A blast from the past, delivered with a click

Noted – you’ve not talked for a while

Changes in address do that 

Hoping – they remember your name

Expectations raised as they recognise your face

Someone should have said – its the passing of time

Talk about the old days, in a familiar place

Engaging about others 

Round a table with Tea and cake




IWM Duxford , Cambridge, 5/6/2017

For a brief moment today,

looking around the hangar in Cambridge

I got to see the marvels of flight first hand

Great planes – from early pioneers to new planes and even spaceflight

Hoped to see something special – and I wasn’t disappointed

Tomorrow – i’ll take a look at what I captured

The Run

#Run #10,000 Metres #Elite #Fun Runners

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on Pexels.com

They didn’t say they’d

hop past the elite runners and

end up as the next olympic hopeful

Reactions to the guys in the animal costumes

Understandable – a mix of smiles, laughter and cheers

Next morning – they’d rest their feet and watch the donations come in


family of swans :image by KL Caley

For each family group

a sense of togetherness is important

Mum and dad teaching the basics of life so

In time, when they

leave the nest, they’re well prepared to

yomp off on their own – not yet though – they need to find their feet.

Rising Up


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge.

Photo credit: Tanya Grant.

The trees started off small

Tiny compared to their parents

The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil

The animals that lived there

Shared the spoils, feeding the tree

while eating the fruit

And slowly the trees

headed for the sky

and from the tops little birds fly

While down below

where the roots they grow

the animals are protected from wind, rain and snow



Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt.

Photo credit: Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels.

Staring back at me – someone i know

Only different

Me – but Mirrored

Enjoying a view of myself perhaps?

On the other side of the glass he looks

No one else behind or in front…

Except from my view – everything his side is turned around

Internet Caff

#FFFC #Internet #Cafe #Food

Who needs broadband at home,

when you can work away from the office

and enjoy hot food and drink

in a place of your choosing?

Presentations always go down well

with a peppermint mocha and praline pastry

Group discussions are great with the

Exclusion of the office pastry

Hats and Caps

#Socs #Hats

I’ve always had a thing for a hat

it began quite simply as a kid

when i wore a bobble hat in winter

to keep out the cold

Different Colours

different patterns

different fabrics

different decoration

M2002 Volunteer Cap

Events up and down the land

picked up the fashion

purloining something decidedly northern

as something for the sporty set

So you would pass your guide or marshal

as you’re on your way to your seat

and they’d give you ample direction

as you made your way down the street