The Fledgeling (Image by KL Caley)

Falling with style, is what his brothers and sisters would have called it

landing on the garden grass with a bit of a bump.

except now – he’s finding it a little

difficult to make it back to the nest

ground level has more dangers to encounter

even shelter from the raindrops was hard to find

luckily the shelter from the rain was nearby, even

if the neighbours don’t say an awful lot

note though, that mum and dad are flying overhead – so he’ll be

going back to the nest once they hear his chirps

3 responses to “Fledgling”

  1. Aww I am glad mummy and daddy are on alert. It’s worrying when you see them hopping about and think something could get them. Great entry for #writephoto, I loved it. KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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