The News Barons Lament

#Fowc #News

Read all about it!

(I wish you would)

Going to the Newsagent instead of

Saving a wood

For as the news changes

and updated each hour

my papers sit dripping

in a cold and wet shower

For you’re getting your news

from the Telly and Web

Leaving my paper at a

really low ebb

And its not as if I can turn

and give them away

as you read the old news

its another news day


  1. We do read the news. No longer in a newspaper because (a) we can’t afford it and (b) it’s very difficult to get them delivered to our actual house and not left in the mud, rain, and snowdrifts by the road. I read online. I get “The Washington Post,” “The New Yorker (hard copy and digital), National Geographics and Garry used to buy USA Today every day for the sports scores. He doesn’t anymore because he gets them online instead. If the Globe and the Times would lower their prices from their absurd $28/month for JUST a digital edition, I’d get them too, though I don’t know how I’d find the time to read anything more than I already do. I think maybe I’m maxed out.

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    1. When the barons buy out the “Advertiser” news brands and give away cut down versions on the streets for free, there’s no wonder people look elsewhere for their news.


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