A window into the world 🌎


Oh the places you will go

(Dr Seuss)


Manchester art gallery, in impressionist view

we start as all tales do , with the beginning.

What got me interested in places other than my locality

i guess you had to blame the painter πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ L.s. Lowry

I’d just been walking around the Victorian street lark hill place at Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery when I ventured into the gallery space πŸš€ with mum and dad…and a picture caught my eye

it was called the sea 🌊

i wondered what it would be like to capture the scene, the waves looked calm and serene.

one day, I told myself…I’ll do that

over the coming years, I took many a picture of the sea, but only through the eye of a camera lens. Snapping away in Prestatyn with a Kodak Ektachrome, and working my way way to a 35mm Miranda film camera with flash.Β  The photos would turn into drawings after I had them developed at the chemists but I never really sat at the beach with brush and paint, Concentration being a bugbear of mine (see my post broken biscuits and jigsaw puzzlesΒ Β for more on that one)

but one Christmas, I received a special little box…with pastels and paints and paper…

and clearing my desk of computer, CD-ROM and floppy disk, I proceeded to paint a picture by the sea

it took a while, the splodges of paint not going always where I would have liked them to land, but by the time I had finished, I felt I’d really achieved something.


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